Pie Before & After

For two days I baked and baked. The final tally was fourteen pies of twelve varieties. I made three different crusts, plus the mashed butternut squash for the Shepherd’s Pie.

Each pie had was carefully crafted. Trimmed bits of crust were rolled out and turned into decorative leaves

to circle the Brown Sugar Pear Pie (which is shiny from an egg white wash and a dusting of sparkling sugar.) I also had enough crust for a few Pie Crust Cookies.

This is what the array of pies looked like before the guests arrived.

And here it is after:

25 adults and four children attended. Almost twelve pies were eaten. I was glad for the few leftovers. I had a slice for breakfast.


  1. Oh, how scrumptious! Your house must have smelled like heaven!

  2. Oh wow Terry….sure wish we all lived closer! I can almost smell and taste the pies! What a cool tradition, rather than the turkey, etc.

  3. I want to be your friend. If only I lived in Massachusetts! How satisfying it must have been to see all those beautiful pies being tucked away in happy bellies. I am so stealing this great idea for next year. Thanks for ….. burp ….. sharing.

  4. Oh, God Terry!!!! And I really need to lose 30 to 40 lbs. Life is too short to not eat pie!!!!!!