Chic Chick Decor

I tend towards understated table settings. I’ll spiff up the house (and take the dog sheet off of the chair) for a party, and even enjoy decorating, but I don’t tend do elaborate homemade centerpieces and crafts. I like understated. This year, though, I fell in love with the silvered pumpkins at Pottery Barn. I had a coupon. I splurged. But, after bringing home what seemed like a bushel of pumpkins, once on the table I needed something more. Luckily, Steve and the teenage son were cleaning out the basement and brought a chick feeder upstairs. New! Clean! It was just what I needed for the tablescape.

Filled with tea light candles, it cast a cheerful and whimsical light on the party.

So, if you’re getting chicks this spring you might want to get your supplies early. Galvanized feeders are in style this year.


  1. Very nice!! I believe galvanized feeders may be toxic. I know it’s a no no for my cockatiels.

    • Galvanized metal is made using zinc, which can be toxic to birds if ingested. Parrots, being inquisitive, and having very strong beaks, are at a much higher risk than chickens. I’ve never heard of a chicken having any health issues with galvanized feeders, waterers and fencing, and they’ve been used for about 100 years at this point.

  2. I’ve bought them from Agway for my chicks, and never heard of them being toxic. Their waterers are galvanized, and other than rusting like mad from my hard well water, I’ve never had issues. But this idea is fantastic! I wish I’d seen it before Thanksgiving – it might have been better than my tapers being knocked over by platters being passed in every direction. Tres chic!

  3. Perfect. And wouldn’t the feeder be pretty with sprigs of bittersweet or bayberry or holly (sans candles). I think I am off to Agway. This should give them cocktail party conversation for a month!

  4. Martha Stewart you’ve got serious competition! How clever! Terry, did you take pics of the pies?

  5. Love the chick feeder idea. Do you mind if I steal the idea for my xmas table with some greens around it? I will be sure to give you the credit.

  6. That is totally adorable..I LOVE pumpkin decor…I am afraid I have quite a few..but I spread them out so it is not over kill…..

  7. I just clicked on to the inside cam (8:36 AM) and there was Queen Candy in the blue dishpan watching over her flock! So funny… :-)

    • She used to be a house bunny and is litter box trained, but she doesn’t use the hen’s dust bath to pee! She has a spot outside for that. Inside she uses the box as her comfy place to watch over her flock.

  8. Great idea! Im sure my friends will think im totally out of my miusin

  9. Your table scape is beautiful and very creative. I love tea candles on a table, and the chick feeder is a perfect addition to hold them.