Faces From The Show

I spent a few enjoyable hours at the Boston Poultry Exposition on Saturday.

The organizers did a superb job of set-up; they decorated the rows with straw bales, grasses and flowers, and there was even a turkey ice sculpture. But, the stars were the animals.

I was smitten with the soft and elegant coloring of this silver ducking Old English Game pullet.

I liked this pullet’s alert expression.

This Houdan was calm and serious.

The roosters had attitude. This one rocked a beard, too.

Other faces were not so pretty, but endearing for their own reasons!

I talked with the geese.

I also talked with some of the experienced exhibitors and learned quite a bit. I’ll be sharing that with you in my next post.


  1. Oh what beautiful birds! I have not yet been smitten by ducks, but that glossy waxy-looking beak is quite attractive! I so appreciate the current photographic technology, as I cannot see these beautiful birds in real time (visual impairment) but can expand and explode photos and enjoy the amazing details of their faces and feathers.

    Terry are those pinfeathers on the Polish girls’ bouffants? I have not seen pinfeathers on a chicken yet – my pullets seemed to go from down to full feathers overnight!

  2. I posted on the other blog that I was there but did not see you. Had a great time. I was smitten with the batam ducks. The birds were all beautiful and everything was so clean. Was there someone on poop patrol cause the cages were very clean. Going to a bantam show in middleboro in a few weeks!

  3. Thank you Terry for posting about the poultry show. Scott and I had a great time looking at all the chickens. He especially liked the Speckled Sussex. I’ve only seen pictures of Sebastapol geese so I enjoyed seeing them up close. And as you described they do look like a goose wearing a wedding dress. I was also amased at how big the Buff Orpingtons were. I’ve read that hens can weigh as much as nine pounds but mine are half that size. I didn’t realize that there is that much difference in hatchery birds. I did have my eye on a couple of cute bunnies but went home without buying anything. Maybe this spring we’ll add a bunny hutch to the yard. Your pictures are beautiful as always. Now I can’t wait for the Northeast Poultry Show in January, that one is only 20 minutes from my house.

  4. What a pretty salmon faverolles rooster, and that houdan is pretty too. Terry do you think you try out either breed in your own flock someday ? And those sebastopols geese do look they are gliding in wedding dreshes. But I still think I prefer hens or turkeys over geese, no matter how pretty they are.