Scooter’s Day

Lily sleeps in a crate. If let loose in the house, she paces to protect us from burglars, raccoons, distant trucks, falling branches and coyotes. No one gets any sleep. When Scooter was little, he slept in a crate, too. Then he told us that there was absolutely no way that he was going to continue to sleep in that box. Not that he wanted to be a watchdog; he wanted the cozy comfort of the couch by the fireplace.

He sleeps through everyone waking up, having breakfast, and the boy catching the school bus. Lily goes outside and checks the perimeter of the property. Scooter sleeps.

While I work at my desk, Lily watches out the window. She checks for UPS trucks, loose dogs, and hawks. Scooter comes upstairs. He doesn’t check for anything.

Finally, he deigns to go outside. He pees. It’s cold. His feet are wet.

He comes back in. Scooter has a snack. He’d prefer steak but he gets kibble.

Scooter goes back to sleep. This time he is on the living room couch.

I take him for a walk. He struts. He prances. He hates his harness.

We come home and he goes back to sleep.

Sometimes in the afternoon, he gets the zoomies and the two dogs play. But if anyone should be on the couch watching television, he drops everything and plasters himself to their side.

Around eleven pm, when we are all either in bed or heading there, Scooter decides that we should be rolling his ball down the hall to chase. Play time! Lily ignores him. I ignore him. Scooter gives up. He makes a big scene of arranging his blanket just so. He goes to sleep. Goodnight, Scooter.


  1. In my next life, I want to come back as a dog like your Scooter, or my Shadow. Shadow is a (spoiled) black schnauzer. When we come in from my morning chores, Shadow jumps up on the couch and waits for my jacket – he likes to get zipped up in it like a cozy doggie sleeping bag, and he proceeds to sleep the day away!

  2. Aww, Scooter. It’s OK, buddy….you are clearly the King….go back to sleep.

    We have a Westie ( she’s 10 now) and she is very similar to Scooter, especially with her sleeping spots and frequency. Such is the life of a well loved animal.

  3. Great post of your dogs! In picture 2 is that Scooter’s tongue hanging out! Picture 3 the ever vigilent Lily, she looks as if she is ready to pounce at any moment! Thank you for sharing Terry.

    • I took the pic right after he’d opened his eyes, yawned, and went back to sleep. His tongue went back in his mouth. At least he doesn’t sleep with his tongue lolling out :)

  4. I just love Scooter, he has such a sweet face. And the way he tucks his nose away *sigh*…….. I’m coming back as a Golson family dog (or hen or goat or koi or rabbit!) :o)

  5. Too cute, my girl gets run of the house, her name is Faith, my boy Milan a 2 year old Bichon gets locked n his crate, and Alex my 14 year old Maltese. Is every where….

  6. Reminds me of Squeak, my friend Cathy’s 90 lb coon hound, who is convinced he is a lap dog. His favorite spot also is the living room couch (or the love seat, if the couch is taken). He has a number of blankets/down comforters that he uses throughout his strenuous day of napping. He gets a long run outside every morning in the Congressional Cemetery, where, as a member of their K-9 corps, he can run off leash over the whole cemetery. That pretty much exhausts his need for exercise. He also gets regular walks, beginning at 4 a.m. and ending anywhere up to midnight.

    A dog’s life…..

  7. Did Lily tell you about the coming of the Great Maine Earthquake?

  8. I have a little shih tzu who sleeps on my bed, and she will happily sleep til noon! I haul her off at 6, when the boys and I go down to get ready for school, and she is as hard to wake up and get moving as the teenagers are!