Twenty Years

In the last twenty years I have had in my life:

1 hedgehog
3 guinea pigs
3 rabbits
1 newt
a lizard
several crawfish
a tank of tropical fish
The Beast and her goldfish minions
3 dogs
2 leased horses
2 goats
45 chickens

but only 1 husband.

Happy Anniversary, Steve!
What’s going to be on this list for the next twenty years?

photo by Spencer Webb



  1. Our family was honored to attend your wedding so many decades ago…our youngest son , Shaun ( eight at the time) still remembers it to this day and recalled it just last week when listing how many wedding he’s attended in his life ( 5 this summer alone!). You two are a picture of peaceful contentment and I count myself among those who benefit from your hard work with HenCam and your dedication to living things. Our own anniversary was yesterday—41 years. May you have many more ! Congratulations.

  2. Congratulations!! Cheers to another forty years. David and I have been married twenty in years May but thirty years together last January; high school sweethearts.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you Terry and Steve. Thank you for allowing us to peer into a part of your lives.

  4. Has it really been twenty years?? I remember those days so well. My office in the center of town, my ticky-tacky house that has recently been torn down and rebuilt, and Steve’s trips to observe and photograph various astronomical events.
    A very Happy Anniversary to both of you.
    (And it is great to see a picture of Steve.
    And all of this wonderful stuff on my mother’s birthday.)

  5. Awwwww, what a lovely photo of an obviously loving couple. Big congrats! As for what will the next 20 years hold? one thing’s for sure, and that’s a whole bunch more chickens. Thanks for showing us the wonderful Steve’s face. He looks like a very nice man!

  6. Happy 20th Anniversary Terry and Steve! I love the picture. You and Steve are such a special pair and must be very proud of all you have accomplished together in the last 20 years. Love you both!

  7. So lovely to see what Steve looks like. All I have ever seen have been his legs.

  8. Congratulations Terry and Steve. Thank you for brightening so many days with your notes on your Little Pond Farm.

  9. And here’s to 20 more that just keep getting better. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

  10. Happy Anniversary to you both. Nice to put a face with the legs of a man we see now & then ha ha That’s a beautiful picture of you and your husband.
    I so enjoy your blog. I don’t have chickens but my parents did many years ago. I have three Siamese cats which keep us on our toes here….such mischief goings on!


  11. Well done you two! You don’t even get twenty years for armed robbery these days…. we’re coming up 18 in October and I still can’t believe how fast the time goes!

  12. Well, any couple who can survive newts, lizards and crawfish can survive anything! Happy Anniversary and many more decades to come. Great picture!

  13. Congratulatins!!! Have wonderful day and thank you for sharing this special day with all of us….Hen Cammers…:)

    • I only listed the animals. I could have included one step-son (and now a daughter-in-law!), and two sons. Two houses. Four coops. Three cars. Four mattresses. Still just one husband :)

  14. That is the Sweetest picture. Congratulations to you both and may you have many, many more happy years together.

  15. What a lovely picture! A very happy anniversary to you both! My Steve and I will celebrate our 29th five days hence. I can’t believe it! It feels like yesterday!

  16. Awwwww, that’s so sweet! You both have been seriously blessed. Congratulations, and here’s to many, many more years.

  17. I so enjoy your posts my two friends and i call ourselves “the hens”……enjoy every minute…i lost my “my guy” two hears ago after 37 years of marriage….we married at 19 so we grew up together….i miss him so…but, my hens have helped me so…..enjoy!!!! :),,,,,marge

  18. A very happy 20th wedding anniversary to you and your husband. This is quite an accomplishment and something to be proud of, especially these days. I’m sure you’ll have many more years to come and with more creatures, of course. Are there two things (or should I say people) to include? I think you may be able to add granchildren to the list for the years 21-40. BTW, that is a very lovely photo of you two.

  19. and don’t forget about a zillion fans!!!!
    Congratulations and many more!!!

  20. Congratulations! So good to have a partner in life!

    -but, no pet kitties? Cats are the most amusing pets!

      • Sorry to hear that! I hope it doesn’t cause too much trouble when visiting people with cats. Well, I always say: cats and dogs aren’t as different as some people make them out to be. Mostly a difference between scooping the litterbox or shoveling the lawn! I’d like to say that cats are more independent than dogs, but my two little ladies make me doubt that.