Frog Hunting

The little pond is filled with frogs.

Bullfrogs are in the shallows, as still as the rocks that they sit upon.

There are bullfrogs so immobile that they cast reflections in the water.

There are frogs that are half-submerged;  one has a flower petal for a hat.

But, the frogs attract hunters!

One hunter is of no cause for concern. This frog didn’t bother to jump away until Scooter’s nose touched hers.

But Lily is a known threat to the pond’s inhabitants.

The frogs know that she is attracted to movement, and although they try to blend into the rocks, they can’t help but hop when she searches through the water celery.

Bullfrogs can be quite long-lived (up to ten years in the wild.) I have a feeling that the frog smartly hiding from Lily by waiting as still as can be up on the boulder (do you see it?) will be in the pond for years to come.



  1. Bull frogs don’t taste badly to Lily ? Acourse I might be thinking toads.

  2. My cat would bring me tiny frogs from a little pond in our backyard. She never harmed them, and I would have to return them to the water.

    • I gave some fish to a neighbor and it seems that the heron has gone fishing at her pond! I haven’t seen it here for ages. I could use it back – there are too many fish now!

  3. Hi Terry, one more thing to love about Little Pond Farm. A great pond w/ varied living creatures. Just so you know, two Polish hens have been helping Candy eat her alfalfa pellets for the past three days. I didn’t want you to think she was being Miss Piggy, because she’s had some help. I don’t think she was in there when they were but I definitely spotted them in her hunch.

    • She is “Miss Piggy.” Have you seen her on the insidecam eating the chicken pellets???? (I buy vegetarian chicken feed for this very reason!) It is topsy-turvy here.

  4. Excellent pictures! Frogs are so cute…

    One way to control the goldfish population from within is add a bluegill, which will eat the fry. At least, that’s what happened here.

  5. I love catching frogs in the the river behind my house. Every step you take a frog jumps and I caught three turtles. Are there any turtles in your pond?:)

    • We had a turtle once, but Lily thought it was a toy. We haven’t had any turtles venturing in since then. I do love turtles and there are many in the wetlands near here.

      • Thanks for visiting my punny phbolootg and leaving a like. Your account of the Martha Stewart treatment is hilarious. The contrast between her glossy-magazine, can-do-everything, multitasking creativity and the tawdry way she entertained her special guests is so funny!One of my best friends is a leap-year baby. One consolation: if you only count the actual birthdays, you will never hit 30 and go over the hill. John

    • They’re not noisy now, but the during mating season it’s so loud at night that to hear dinner conversation we have to close the windows. One year a grey tree frog discovered that if he boomed out his mating call while clinging to the dining room window (it was open, so he fit between in the pocket made by the upper and lower window) that his voice was amplified. We had to eat elsewhere!