Goats On Leashes

Caper lets me know that although there is plenty of edible stuff growing in the pasture, that right near his fence by the barn is luscious clover. He’d like some.

I put the boys on leashes and take them out. The clover is lovely, and there’s lots of it.

So why are they trailing leashes? Don’t they look like they’ll stay put and eat what’s right in front of them?

Nope. Given half a chance, they’d rather eat the Chinese Beech tree.

Back to the barn you go, boys.


  1. Can’t you just read their little goaty minds? ”What are you — freakin’ nuts?!”

    And honestly, though I’ve never been around goats much, I recognize the look, if not the exact stance on top of those stumps. I could swear sometimes that there is some basic critter giving that same exact look, in that same stance, underneath a lot of different costumes: cat, dog, chipmunk, chicken ………. It is saying, “Treeeeeeeeats…… Treeeeeeats …… We are so huuuuuuuuuuungryyyyyyy………..”

  2. I love the goats. I wish you would do a book about them.

    • I, too, think that they are stars! I have written a children’s book about the goat. Sadly, it has yet to find a publishing house.

  3. Ahh cute always. I was wondering have you thought of maybe going hiking with the goats ? I know they aren’t the right breed that the backpackers use, that I have read about before. But their are people out their that hike with the goats, and even go cross country camping with them. Trained to carry stuff on their backs as well, and unlike horses they don’t have to take as many supplies to feed them.

  4. Clover seems to be the favorite of all grazers. I have spots in my yard of clover and the those spots are the spots my hens run to after they try to sneak into the flower beds with all that tantilizing scratchable mulch. The garden hose is my friend. ;-)

  5. My husband thinks that I have gone totally nuts, because I check your site each morning and each nite just to see how the chickens and goats are doing. I guess somewhere while growing up I forgot what it was like spending every summer on my grandparents farms in North Carolina. I miss those days and my grandparents. Thank you for the nudge down memory lane.

  6. I actually did see the surfing goats on the national news!! Mother and Kid? Your goats are adorable and I love the looks on their faces.

  7. Oh, they are so darling! I just love them. They look so much thinner in these photos vs. the cam. Hmmm.

    • When you see them on the cam, lolling about in the stall, they have finished eating and are burping and digesting. They expand and contract throughout the day :)

  8. So cute! I would love to have goats like Pip and Caper, love their little tails.

  9. LOL. In the last pic they each have that, “Who, me”? expression.