Sunday Blooms

It’s one of those days in June that is so perfect that it would be a cliche. Except cliches are boring and overdone, and the sort of day that comes along like today is so special, so lovely, so beautiful, that you couldn’t possibly get blasé about it.

Look at what is in bloom.




Water lily.


Lily is enjoying the meadow flowers. Actually, she’s enjoying what lives under them. Mouse hunting in the sun! It set her tail wagging. She emerged smiling, even though nothing was caught this time. But it’s a beautiful, long day, I’m sure she’ll try again later.


  1. I will take a dozen peonies, please. I would also take the water lily but I have no pond:-(

    • I have several varieties of peonies, and they bloom in succession. I particularly like the old-fashioned-looking single petal blooms. Blousy!

  2. Lovely day here too but it’s up to 80 degrees and climbing. My flowers are on a gardenia bush (now about 9 feet tall when it’s not sagging with all the flowers!). Wish I could enclose a picture for you.

  3. Beautiful! Its around 14 degrees here (or 57) which is awful for an English summer. We are meant to be at around 70 but nobody thought to inform Mother Nature….. Peonies are still in bud, Lupins are being set upon by the slugs but the poppies are coming into full bloom, despite almost bending in half by the weight of the rain! Lily always has a great time, a happy dog!

    • It’s been early and warm here. So, no harvest of peas at all in the veg garden! But the beans are looking good.

  4. Thanks for the Sunday morning show of blooms. Lovely time this morning reading your blog with a cup of joe.

  5. I am a sucker for peonies and yours are such a wonderful color. Just bought some yesterday but they are more ordinary. On another topic, I am glad to see Buffy out and around and looking better. Wishing Lily luck hunting.

  6. It’s 110ish, here, if that makes everyone feel better. : ) Ellen, Riyadh.

    • Ellen, hot weather like that makes me claustrophobic. Just leaving an air conditioned car is like hitting a wall. And I can’t say I’ve experience 110. 99 and 99% humidity in Alabama is the worse I’ve seen, although driving in 108 degree temps on the Cross-Bronx Expressway was the most terrifying!

  7. The colors are so vibrant and colorful and brightens everything up. I’ve noticed the weather in your area has gone from the 80’s during Memorial weekend to the low 50’s with some rain in between. Your yard sure looks gorgeous and with the recent rain it will help to keep it that way. I can’t complain about our weather here which has been 62 to 66F with very cool breezes.

  8. We really enjoyed the chicken keeping workshop today and all the valuable information given. It was well worth the 2 1/2 hour ride. Your girls are ALL beautiful!!! Now, if only we can get our girls to come to us…we are going
    to try the cracked corn like you suggested, as a treat….They are still young and learning, 9 weeks old.
    You certainly do have a little piece of heaven in your backyard. Again, thank you for a wonderful day!

  9. Hi Terry, your flowers are beautiful! I am hoping you know the name of the yellow flower that is in the picture with the peonie. I have the same one’s and the closest I come to guessing is primrose.



    • Yes! It’s primrose. Gorgeous and long-blooming but it can get invasive in the garden. Every spring I dig up all around it to keep it in one place.

  10. Terry, thanks so much for the absolutely wonderful workshop! I am so glad I stumbled upon the Globe article and was able to attend. We’re moving quite soon to Ithaca, NY. One of the things we’ll be doing is backyard chicken keeping! Timing is everything……..thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and your hospitality.

  11. I know on Saturday we went to a place in Surry VA called Bacon’s castle, and they had an English standard garden that was once featured on Time’s magazine. It was kinda of bare to my eyes though, but had some nice blossoming lavender, okra and Pomegrante’s. The heat and humidity can really kill you, I know here in VA it up to 89 today with high humidity. It’s the sun that about kills me with sunburning, I can’t go out for 20 minutes without getting sun burned. And ugh the humidity.