Container Pot Planting

Last week, in preparation for Wendy’s visit, I did a few things. Yes, I changed the sheets in the guest room and put out a fresh, pretty little soap. But the most important thing on my to-do list was to go to HomeGoods and buy a carload of black ceramic pots.

On her third day here, we shopped at five plant nurseries and came home with a trunk full of vegetables, herbs and flowers (annuals and perennials) and 160 pounds of potting soil. With her plant knowledge and eye for horticulture design (and now sore back) we put these together:

The next morning, my husband got up early and baked off croissants (Trader Joe’s frozen are the best) and I hurried out to the garden to dig in the perennials – all while Wendy slept in. See? We are very good hosts.


  1. Dear me Terry, it looks like you potted up a great big Rat Terrier. The folks on the garden tour will be quite astonished with that touch of horticultural novelty! And I love the little chicken included in the ensemble; the yard is beautiful. My best guess is that Scooter kept Wendy company, while the gardeners were hard at work.

    • Lily does make a good lawn ornament, doesn’t she? However, Lily doesn’t stay put. No, Scooter didn’t help a whit. He interrupted frequently for butt scratches, though.

  2. That looks lovely Terry and Lily does look like a garden ornament! I would like to have seen Scooter sat in the big pot, surrounded by plants though :o). Wendy missed a great weekend for weather, however we are now back to drizzle :o(

  3. Well I’m making up for the sleeping-in now ; still awake after lord knows how many hours. Seems only half an hour ago I said goodbye to Terry at the airport after my lovely holiday and here I am at home, having crocheted my way back across the Atlantic while watching a couple of films, queued at Heathrow (a mere half hour) to have my passport checked, and sat on a hot sweaty Underground for what seemed like hours. We flew right over the train-line home, I’m sure they could have just booted me out and saved me the trouble. Garden has gone completely mad in my absence…

  4. Looks beautiful. The hen adds a special touch. Lily took a photo opportunity to be included (hey, I know I’m not a hen, bunny or goat but I’m still cute :-)

  5. Ha misread your post title as container pet planting. Thanks for sharing as always!

  6. Terry,

    They look lovely. Can you share what’s in each pot?