A Good Day

The plants are having a good day. The drenching rains have revived them. The dogwood is blooming.

Scooter is having a good day in the sun (and see, more plants are blooming and having a good day in the little pond.)

The goats are having a good day. We moved their electric fence and so now they can reach new grass and brambles in the meadow. That makes Pip smile. Of course, Pip always has a good day, although perhaps some are even better good days than others.

Candy is having an especially good day. This morning she had a hop-around in the goats’ paddock. This afternoon she has claimed the prime spot in the pen – the dirt wallow. It’s sunny and dry, which are perfect dust-bathing conditions for the chickens. But, Candy rules. There she is.

This is a bunny having a very, very good day.


  1. ahhh love the outdoor pictures. We are having unseasonably warm weather. I wish I could be outside in my own ‘wallow’ soaking up the sunshine.

  2. I just love your pictures. They help me have a good day. :)

  3. That Candy is just too precious!! She truly is the Queen of the Yard!

  4. It sure looks beautiful there. The flowers and dogwood are blooming. The grass is crisp and green. You can really see how good it looks next to the pen. The animals look very happy and content. The recent rain really helped to brighten things up.

  5. How did you manage to escape the bad weather(snow)? I notice that your temperatures have been warmer than here in central NC. We had frost last night which is a little unusual for this time of year.

    No snow makes a really good day.

  6. Happy 1st Birthday to the Gems! Many Happy Returns .. .. ..

  7. Candy rules my heart! Thank you for letting me share in her spring happiness. Seeing her makes me, in turn, very, very happy.