A Fantasy Come True

Admit it. We all have fantasies. Mine involve strapping young men. With strong backs. Bent over.

Doing this:

And also doing this:

I am sipping iced coffee and watching the guys edge the lawn, fix the holes left by a horde of partying moles this past winter, and wheeling load after load of mulch into the gardens. Fantasies do come true.

The girls are not going to be allowed out to mess this up. Not until after the garden tour on June 1 and June 2. But not to worry about them. They love guys with wheelbarrows, too. Some of the dirt dug up from the flower bed in the backyard has been dumped into the chicken runs. They have plenty of scratching and grub-eating to do. Chicken fantasies are so easy to fulfill.


  1. Yes, my fantasies also involve men with wheelbarrows and dirt! Garden is looking good Terry :o)

  2. They are so easily pleased with a pile of dirt or grass clippings. I made a nice dirt bath for mine in their run with DE and some nice dry soil and they just scratch in it. No one has actually had a bath yet.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention my four year old loves to sit and watch the hen cam and she thinks it is like a game. She says. “okay make them jump here or go there.” I laugh. Like some sort of app for a phone. I tell her they are real and we are just watching them.

  4. I told my husband I am more attracted to him when he is shoveling something or fixing something…it is all is so simple. He rode in last weekend after a 140 mile horseback ride with the DeAnza Trail Riders..140 miles with men only…one week with men on horses…being cowboys and gentlemen on horseback…Let’s just say his horse smelled better than him…But he still looked mighty good on the back of that horse!

    • Yep, all it takes is a pickup truck, power tools and a man who knows how to use them (although my guy drives a minivan. But you can get 6 bales of hay in the back!)

  5. P.S. Please take pics so we can see the garden all spruced up!

  6. Copycat! But does yours have eyes the colour of forget-me-nots and arms like Michelangelo’s David?

  7. The chickens must be so happy. They even look contented in the photo.

  8. My Father had a somewhat prickly relationship with my Grandmother who was an avid gardener. It always amused him that the best Mother’s day gift he ever gave her was two bushels of hen and cow manure for her garden and compost pile.

  9. My fantasies too involve big strapping men bending over… Candy looking lovely as always xxx