This & That

I’m heading out to the Boston Flower and Garden Show this morning. I’m looking forward to seeing the display of flower arrangement “hats” that were inspired by the royal wedding. I’m looking forward to the pristine garden displays with every plant fully and perfectly in bloom. But, I have to confess that I really go for the vendor area. The last time there I found socks embroidered with chickens. And I’m hoping to buy interesting seeds for the vegetable garden. But not too many. Really.

Meanwhile, I have a few miscellaneous things to share with you.

The winner of The Chicken Encyclopedia is Stephenie (she blogs about homeschooling in Cajun country and has been giving lots of TLC to a blind hen.) Thanks to everyone for entering. It was very interesting to hear your questions.

I know that some of you are filling Easter baskets. Please consider adding Tillie Lays An Egg to the Easter bunny’s gifts. It lasts longer than chocolate!

There are still a few opening for the March 31 Chicken Keeping Workshop here at Little Pond Farm. I’d love to meet you!

Remember my post about the best way to hard-cook eggs and how steaming is THE way if you are using very fresh eggs? I use a pot and a steamer basket, but check out how cute this is! Looks just like Tillie, doesn’t she?


  1. So fun! Thank you so much!!! YES…buy Tillie Lays an Egg. It is a favorite of ours. All of our books got packed away so we can sell our neighborhood house and move to a farm…Tillie got left out and right next to the bed. It is THAT loved around here.

  2. We have loved Tillie since Martha introduced you and her on the chicken show.”Tillie Lays an Egg” will be one of the books we will keep in our home. It’s so beautiful and the kids love it. We are waiting for a book about your goats. Thank you!

  3. The Mass Hort show was one of the last things I did before I left for NC. Hats inspired by the Royal Wedding!! Wish I could be there.


    P.S. I always steam my eggs now. Never any problems shelling them. I used a tip from Martha and wrapped a white egg as tightly as I could in a piece of a fancy silk tie before cooking it and the tie pattern transferred onto the cooked egg. Don’t go cutting up your husband’s best tie!! I’m going searching at the thrift store for more.