A Project In The Works

I’ve been collecting vintage photos of people and their chickens. Some are humorous, some are beautiful, some are evocative of another time and place, and some I relate to on an emotional level. I’ve selected the best images, and have sent them off to a photographer who is doing photoshop magic on them to fix fading and damage. The next step is to publish these images. I have my choice of either a book of 30 postcards (which you could pull out and use, or keep the collection) or a small gift book of the photos with commentary. Which would you prefer?


  1. a gift book, definitely — we have bought (and given) many image collections in postcard book format over the years, and I’ve found that no-one seems to ever use them. But the way that they are put together (usually with tear-out perforations) makes them fall apart. Either way sounds like it will be an adorable collection!

  2. I’d buy the book, not the postcards.

    Great website by the way!

  3. I like both ideas- but it usually takes me a couple of years before I can part with the postcards…so I think a book would win out! What a great idea!

  4. I definately would prefer the book.

    Those are some very large chickens or small children.

  5. I like postcards. You can find great frames (including the matte and glass) very inexpensively at stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls, and they are the perfect size for displaying unusual and interesting postcards. That way you can enjoy the images all of the time and change them out seasonally or just for something new.

  6. Postcards PLEASE! Would love to send them and collect them and display them :)

  7. I like the postcard idea. I like to place postcards under the glass on a glass topped table or bureau. I use photos too. Either would be nice though.

  8. Tough question! Good points were made against postcard books: if one doesn’t intend to send them the book comes apart along the perforations. But for people who tend to accumulate too many books, the postcards might be a better idea. Why not spread the joy?

  9. Book!!

    Maybe a print series? We could order online… I would love a few to hang on the wall.


  10. History, always the history. Pictures are pretty, but the stories make them memorable.

    Oh I was finally able to make to Williamsburg VA, where the closest TSC and feed store that regularly has chicks at. I finally got to hold some Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red chicks. I can see why you love those Rhode Island chicks, even the confirmed pullet chicks are bold and brave. Several acutally ate out my hand and pecked it. I can see how bossy they are even while small. And why so many people fall in love with that kind. The little silkies and seabrights were just a trembling, but the RIR never.

  11. I love the post card idea. Buy two books, keep one set and send the others.

  12. A gift book.

    But the girl on the left looks like my mother. When was that photo taken? She grew up on a farm in Nanty Glo. I would certainly be interested in purchasing whatever you decide, a book or set of post cards. Another great idea, Terry. Where do you find the time?

  13. I too thought, big chicken or small child! The rooster and chicken look huge.

    I would prefer book, lovely to keep.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  14. I would love the book with the info about the pictures. Thanks Terry

  15. Postcards! I just discovered a pic of my Dad in knickers holding a chicken as a child! It’s a precious old photo. I would have been glad to share it but sounds like you’re all set. I prefer the postcard idea!