1. Thank you, Terry! Happy to hear you are feeling well enough to work on your computer. That’s just the best news!

  2. Aaah! Pip’s saying “Where have you been? Have you brought me some treats?”

    Take care and I’m sure you’ll be back home on the farm soon.


  3. he’s just the cutest! i seriously can’t wait to have goats. i just started requesting books from the library to start boning up on em cause the waiting is killing me :)

  4. I saw the goats this morning, snuggled together asleep. How darling!
    So glad that you’re up and around!

  5. Glad you’re well after your surgery. Can’t wait to hear how the 2nd implant goes!

  6. Pip looks good — maybe a bit more svelte than recent days. Glad to hear your operation went well. Take care and get back to us soon, goats and goat-lovers alike.