1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Terry!

    It looks like your hens are almost overwhelmed by their treat… I wonder if it will turn into a golden carriage at midnight?


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family…Great pic of the girls and their pumpkin,that would look good in a frame on my wall or a fridge magnet :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Our girls will get their treats once it get light. We’re expected a wet and blustery day with snows plying up in the mountains. Love the pictures.

  4. wait, did you just throw a whole pumpkin in the pen? you can DO that? oh man! that’s the most exciting thing EVER! totally doing that next year :)

    • As soon as my Halloween pumpkins start to get soft spots, they go right into the chicken yard. The hens eat every bit from the inside. Candy likes to gnaw on the shell. Keeps them all busy and happy and the pumpkin is nutritious!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all at Hen Cam and all who read and comment. It all gives me so much enjoyment.

    Can’t wait to hear how the pie party goes. Have fun.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving from England Terry! I am thankful for my hens and your help through the year x

  7. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you your hens,goats and your family hope your pie party goes great terry(: luv the pictures!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! and of course all the animals :/

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thanksful I’ve found your blog. My 5 chickens are especially thankful as well. I had no idea chickens liked pumpkins. Mine got to play in the compost pile all day and boy were they happy.
    P.S. My wife & I watched all 6 of your movies on Youtube today. “How to Hold a Chicken” was my favorite. Are you planning on making any more? You should.
    David/ :-)

      • Hi Terry,
        Yes,a short movie on the chicken breeds you keep and their personalities. Pictures can only do so much. A video would be so much better. We had friends over and they had never seen a chicken besides a white one. They were fascinated that chickens came in different colors.
        I also loved if you picked each one up when you talked about the breed. Again, my relatives had no idea you could pick up or pet a chicken! Each generation has to learn everything again for the first time.

        David/ :-)

  10. Hi Terry, An old time farmer I knew says that pumpkin is a natural way to worm chickens. He said that is how he kept his birds healthy. Had you ever heard of this?
    Love the picture…..

    • I have heard that about pumpkin. Very frustrating, though, is that I haven’t seen any confirmation of it. The easiest thing would be to do a fecal test before and after providing pumpkin. My guess is that pumpkin is part of a healthy diet and environment for chickens and it acts as a preventative. Whether it actually can kill worms in infected birds is something that needs study.

  11. Hmm. My chickens didn’t seem interested in the post-Halloween jack-o-lantern, raw. As soon as I baked it, they went crazy for it. Maybe I should have waited for it to ‘soften’ naturally?