Pie Party Decorating

There will be thirty people here for pie tomorrow and I felt the need to decorate. Something sparkly and happy. But not expensive.

There’s a bush in the goat pasture that I’ve been meaning to cut down. The branches would be just right for twinkly lights.

Do you know how top-heavy and awkward those twigs are? I didn’t have a large and heavy enough vase to contain them, so I used (don’t tell my guests) a toilet paper holder, and hid that with a vintage grain sack from my collection.

More branches are in the stairwell. I did splurge on the pussy willow lights, but those can be used all year. Notice the table that the vase is on – it’s an old chicken crate.

The bannister is the perfect place for a garland and lights. I’ve had this paper-mache gourd garland for years.

It needed lights, so I pulled these out of my collection (this was an eBay find). Look close, they’re hens and eggs.

I’m careful not to overdo the chicken decor. I like a touch of whimsy; I like it to be small little surprises, not an an overwhelming theme. There won’t be anything poultry related on the buffet, well, except for the chicken pot pie. I’ll have photos of that for you next week.


  1. This is so adorable. I love it. It’s like some of the decorating I do. The cheaper the better.

  2. Simple, nice and sweet. Its the little things that make the fun and everything interesting too.

  3. Love your decorations! I hope you have a great pie party. Thank you also for your hints on finding new homes for our Roos. They are at there new home and in thanks our girls have started laying eggs for us! Reilly had the first omelet this morning. Take care!

    • Hi Kris,
      I have this same situation…if roos means rooster. I have a young rooster in need of a home. I’ve asked at work, but everyone just looks at me like it’s a joke. It is a very docile and friendly black rooster. It can be picked up and held and usually falls asleep in my arms. It follows me around in the garden. It needs a nice person out in the country to enjoy the future crowing. How did you find a home? Terry, any ideas? Thanks from me and from Marco (the rooster).
      David/ :-)

      • Hi David,

        I do understand why some people may look at you a little funny when you ask them if they would like a rooster. :)

        It sounds like Marco is still a young chap…roosters change over time and that docile friend may not be so at a year old and older. I do believe that roosters need their hens. My roosters were on the job at all times, looking out for the girls when they weren’t trying to get busy with the girls.

        I found the man who took my roosters by calling a tree farm I knew of who had different types of birds for the public to see when they went to the farm. He gave me Vinny’s name and he took my roos. We raise meat birds, so though I love my girls and boys, they are farm animals. I understand that Vinny will eventually stew my roos up in a pot someday, but while they are at his place, it is a bird paradise. He has a 600 square foot run with water features and all kinds of other birds.

        It sounds like Marco is more of a pet…have you tried 4H clubs?

        Good luck!

  4. There is nothing more festive than lights, and your arrangements are beautiful. I agree with your thoughts on decor, i.e. your chickens. My rabbit collection is subtly placed. Have a wonderful pie party.

  5. Love those decorations, especially the chicken lights. Oh my gosh, now I’m going to be scouring the Internet for some.

    Enjoy the pie and all your guests!

  6. Terry, I really love the chicken crate table idea…why not make use of those items and the bonus is it looks great! Thanks for the fun pictures and have a wonderful pie party!:)

  7. I love the twinkly lights! I’ve spied some interesting looking branches in my backyard – now I have an idea about how to display them!

    • Plug in. Found them in a small shop in Cambridge that sells mostly gorgeous Japanese imports and simple, sophisticated housewares.

  8. I like your decorations. We have some reeds we could cover with lights. Is that an antique chicken crate/cage in the corner?
    David/ :-)

  9. Hi Terry, this all looks wonderful, wish we did this here (in the UK). You’re chocolate pie looks too good for words.
    I’ve recommended your website to several people who have hens as it is so informative.
    Today, I’ve been creative and made a traditional Victoria Sponge for my mother’s 80th birthday tomorrow. I hope it tastes as good as it looks! Do you have a recipe and technique for this classic?

    Keep on educating us!