Join Me On A Walk

The wonderful people who live in this house

sadly have to sell off some of the farm that they’ve lived in for over a half century. But, instead of cutting it up into a housing development, they’ve carved out the best piece, the acres that border a river and abuts a National Wildlife Refuge, and they’ve offered it for sale to a land conservation trust. Today the public is invited to walk on this parcel. The weather is fine. It’s overcast, but not cold. Pull on a pair of sturdy shoes and a sweater and join me.

There’s been no explosion of brilliantly colored foliage this year, but muted tones have their own beauty.

There are leaves underfoot along the woodland path.

Step carefully along the narrow wooden bridge that spans this small stream.

Suddenly the landscape changes. Fifty years ago this field was grazed by dairy cows. Now the white pines have transformed it into a forest. Even if you talk loudly, your voice is muffled by the deep bed of pine needles.

We’re coming up to the river.

Walk down the steep slope to the very edge. Where does the river begin and the sky end? It’s like a mirror.

It’s mushroom season. They’re everywhere. I wonder who took a bite out of this one?

Sometimes a horse and rider gallops through this field. Along with the riverfront property, the owners have to sell four other lots as well, including this piece. I hope that whoever buys it has horses. This is the sort of landscape that should have hoofed animals on it, don’t you think?

It’s a short walk from here to the parking area where apple cider and pumpkin bread is waiting. I’m glad you could come along.


  1. How heartbreaking to have to sell! I hope they get good families in there that will care for the land properly. It’s all so gorgeous!

  2. It’s great when beautiful land can be saved from the bulldozer.
    I’ve been in banking (mainly underwriting) 20+ years and I’ve NEVER understood why home builders will take acres with big matuer trees and just level them. It just seems to me that you could sell the lots for more with mature trees on them.

  3. Is this the Elliott property? I’ve read in the Mosquito about the ConsCom having walks on several dates but it takes so long for the USPS to deliver the paper that it’s usually just old news and past events that I’m reading about. Still, it’s a such lovely town and those riverfront properties seen on a fall day are just exquisite. Lucky you to be able to be there. (Can you tell that my homesickness is alive and well?) ;-)

    • Yes, it was Pagey’s place, and now her daughter’s. I know you’re homesick! Glad you can see a piece of it through HenBlog.

      • I knew Pagey years ago. She was an amazing person.
        You and I have a very similar photographer’s eye. If I had been on that walk I would have taken exactly the same or very similar pictures. Consider yourself complimented by my daughter! ;-)

  4. What a wonderful journey! Thank you Terry! YES! My nice comfy T. Walker and I would love running through that green field..and then stop for a quick nibble of that beautiful grass!

    • The property owners pointed out a tree that has been used for over 20 years as a scratching post for their horses. One large branch extends out horizontally and has a curve to it. The ponies go under and scratch their backs on one end, the big horses at the other.

  5. What a lovely fall stroll you have shown us. I do hope the Sudbury Valley Trustees manage to meet their fundraising goal to save this beautiful piece of land. Thanks for the quick connection to their website.

  6. It looks just like England! Great news that the people in that nice house dont just sell to builders, we love green…… :o)

  7. So beautiful! It’s such a contrast to where we live on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia! I feel cold looking at those pictures!