I’m Profiled In Chickens!

Just look at this adorable cover.

I’m not one to dress up my animals, not even my very cute little dog, Scooter. At Halloween I tolerate costumes on pets – sometimes. I am appalled at silkies dyed pink and wearing pearl necklaces. But there’s something about that red hen with that little hat made out of finger from a girls’ glove, and those leg warmers from the same re-purposed gloves, that has me smiling.

Hobby Farms puts out a whole series of good, well-written, useful magazines. The new kid on the block is their Chickens magazine. It’s not yet available by subscription, but you should be able to find it at feed stores and other venues. Or you can buy it from the publisher.

I’m profiled in the January/February 2012 issue!

Agatha is relieved that she didn’t have to get dressed up for the photo shoot.


  1. Do you mean their January/February 2012 issue? Any chance of sharing your story for those of us that may not be able to find a copy?

  2. Very cool! Agatha should not wear clothing because it would cover her beautiful feathers. However, I agree with you on the hat and leg warmers. Just charming.

  3. You see? YOU SEE? LEGWARMERS. I always was at the cutting edge of couture. I tried to force Gladys into a tiny straw hat once and only narrowly escaped with both eyes.

  4. OMG! Fabulous Terry! You look wonderful! What a great pic of you and Agatha! Congratulations! Will get myself a copy!

  5. Congratulations! That is a wonderful picture. I don’t approve of dressing up animals either, but I have to say, I love the leg warmers!

  6. Congratulations. From what is available to read, it looks like a great article. I hope they have emphasized your willingness to share not only your lovely animals, but your life. You have become a friend to all of us.

  7. Congralutions and even though it hasn’t been that long boy has Agatha changed since that photo was taken.

  8. Way Cool!!!!! YAY! I’ll be getting it from a store about 20 min away. The only place in this area I believe that carries it. It gives me a great reason to go there- much to my hubbies dismay ;)I know, and so does he, that I’ll buy more than just a magazine! haha!

  9. I agree with you about dressing up animals but that hen made me laugh

  10. Congratulations. Glad to see you get the recognition you deserve so much.

    I also hate clothing on animals but for a moment I thought the leg warmers might be functional in cold climates. And then I laughed…..

    P.S. Opal certainly has a gorgeous backside – like a big white peony!

  11. My little dog much prefers to have her hair cut short and to wear a coat in the winter. She hates being brushed adequately enough to prevent matts, and buzzing her fur short is fast and less frequent. She is willing to stay outside longer, if she wears a coat. She doesn’t mind having them put on or off at all….she barely seems to notice. The only difference is her cold tolerance….she complains less about going out if she wears her coat!

  12. That is so exciting. I love that photo of you. It is perfect in every way. I hate clothes on animals too…and I have two Chihuahuas. One time I put a sweater on one of them because it was cold and he ran through the house like a cougar was on his back. I had to take it off before someone got hurt.
    Can’t wait to read the article.