Goldilocks Hen

I should rename Opal Goldilocks.

It’s time to lay an egg. Goldilocks tried out the bears’ beds; Opal checks out each nesting box and loudly proclaims her opinion about each.

“This one,” she says, “is too sunny.”

“I can’t lay an egg here, this nest is too big.”

“This box has a hen already in it!”

“Ah, this one is just right.”


  1. Opal sure is gorgeous. You mentioned quite awhile back that a pullet that just starts to lay will never look better, you were dead on.

    Now, if Opal was my hen she would have just climbed on top of the other hen and made herself comfortable. My nest boxes are the same size as yours and one would think that four standard size hens couldn’t fit in one box but mine sure manage. ;-)

  2. She’s very pretty. Aren’t they just hilarious to watch when they can’t decide? I can’t find my Wellsummer’s eggs the past few days. I know she has a stash somewhere but I’ve looked all over.
    Your nesting boxes look so nice with the pine shavings in place. I fill mine with shavings and somebody goes in and scratches it out all over. They’re just not following the rules!!

  3. Congratulations! Have you had that custard you had a hankering for not long ago while waiting for eggs to appear?

  4. Aren’t they funny. If you want to mess with her tiny head, put a few golf balls or plastic eggs in a few or one of the nests. EVERYONE wants the next that has the eggs in it. Well, at my house anyway.

  5. is Opal super duper talkative? my Delaware is obscenely loud, all the time, I would swear she’s a roo.

  6. A good nesting box today may not be the best one tomorrow. Our girls can make up their minds and change like the weather. Two or attempted three in a box is not an uncommon sight. Loud conversations on who’s turn it is or how long they seem to be taking is the norm.

  7. Interesting pictures! Sort of surreal, Opal looks so bright (gem-like!) Did you do this with Photoshop?

    • I only had my iPhone with me when I watched Opal’s retelling of the Goldilocks story. It’s really difficult to photograph white birds with it. So I popped the colors in iPhoto, just to make it interesting.

  8. She comes across as photogenic. I know you were saying that you might start to use a few of the Gems as actresses to play Tillie. Have you decideded maybe which birds other than Agatha might be in the contending ? I could see you using Opal as a “giant” Tillie, though maybe not the Rhone Island Reds nor your Welsummer because of the feather eating.