Why I Have Goats

Wouldn’t you want this face greeting you every morning?

This is Pip’s “More green beans, please. Now. But not the wilted ones,” face.


  1. love it!! it always looks like they are smiling at you. i have two choice pictures on my fridge of some smiling goats, and everytime i look at them i get a smile of my own!:)

  2. Cute, cute cute. That nose is just begging for a big ole smooch!!!

    Side note, frozen green beans are a great snack for dogs. I have a tendancy to over indulge my dogs. My Boston got a little too plump. The vet recommended frozen green beans as a treat, they love them.

    • Ken- Scooter, the little, under 11 pound dog, refuses to eat anything other than meat, raw beef preferably, though ham will do. I think his self-image doesn’t mesh with what’s in the mirror!

  3. Oh Terry – that photo of Pip just knocked me over with laughter. So who’s his dentist? And that tuft of topknot hair is so funny. What a boy.

    • Did you know that goats don’t have upper teeth in the front? Just a hard palate. It doesn’t hurt when they bite (well, not too bad….)

  4. i love this picture. dont you just love how smart and funny goats are my goat says momma sooo cute :)

  5. Very cute face! Guess what? I got my first egg so yours will be arriving very soon! It was sitting next to their little door. It’s a perfect shape just small, but so cute! Not sure which one laid it. I tried to get it out of them, but no one would admit to it. It feels like Christmas in September :)

  6. Another original Golson of Pip. What a treat. A couple of days ago he turned to the goat cam at just the right angle and I could really see the rounded tummy that you described in an earlier post. This is much more flattering. Wish I could be a goat-maid…

  7. Hi Terry,

    Love the picture, hope the goats are helping cheer you up after the news of Little Blue. I’m trying to vote for you, I’ve voted twice now, but for the last two days I’ve gotten the same page that thanks me for taking the survey but doesn’t take me to the survey page anymore. Any suggestions?

  8. Mr. Pip you made my day! I have been on my feet for 12 hours and I come home to your smiling face. I am going to introduce you to my new students tomorrow.

    I was successful at deleting the cookie and voting.

  9. Ahh, he is so cute. You got love the Nigerian dwarf goats. Have you thought of getting more, maybe one of their sisters to breed and have goats to milk ? I love comparing yours with another’s who last Amberose, his owner wants to turn into caribbean barbeque because of his antics of climbing cars and breaking panes of glass in the Greenhouse. Acourse Pip and Caper don’t have a mean bone in their bodies and have never climbed up on the roof of your house and couldn’t figure out how to get down either.

  10. Ha! What a great face. That photo cracked me up, Terry!
    Yep. If you delete the survey monkey cookie every day, you can vote… kind of a pain, but it works. I hope you win. :)

    BTW I’d be grateful for some of that rain you’re having. Our forecast for today is a dry 95°F. I’m ready for autumn.

    • Thanks for putting in the effort to vote! I wish I could send you and Texas this rain. Am very saddened by those devastating fires.

  11. I just Love this photo of pip!! and your blog i have voted everyday please everyone keep voting as i would love for Terry to win :)