Keeping It In Perspective

There’s been a fair share of death and disease written about here lately, so I thought I’d do a post to keep things in perspective. Sometimes those bucolic fantasies of beautiful chickens free-ranging in the flower beds really are true. Here are some photos of the Gems to end your week on a happy note.



  1. Lovely way to close the week:-) My husband was in San Jose this week on business so he visited a very close friend who now has chickens for their 2 little girls. Those little girls LOVE their chickens (they have 4 with 1 more promised). They were sitting outside and they said he must hold a chicken in his lap. He doesn’t hold our chickens, but of course he did it for the girls. It has brought these little girls a lot of joy. They are now planning to get involved with 4H.
    Agatha is stunning!!! Have a great day.

  2. They are beautiful, especially Ruby and Jasper! I was sorry to hear about Coco and will fondly remember all your pics of her accepting the touch of little children. I hope you find another actress as gifted as she was.

  3. Ahhh. That’s more like it! That’s why chicken-keepers keep keeping chickens.

  4. Nothing more relaxing for me than sitting out on one of my patios with a beverage and watching my chickens have a ball running around the yard.
    By the way apparently we have a flock of 5 chickens (4 hens and 1 rooster) that have gone feral around my place of employment. Apparently from the maintenance men here at work they have been around for quite sometime. I saw them yesterday when I decided to investigate and go walking around the building. They are a flock of mutts, they are what I would call barnyard bantams and they went over the 6 foot privacy fence when they thought I was too close in a flash.

    • There is a town here in California called San Juan Bautista. A lovely little town with one of the special California missions. There are chickens that live in the town and just roam the streets. They are accepted as part of the community and it’s so charming to sit and have some Basque food, then walk outside and see chickens here and there. Someone must feed them, but I never asked.

  5. What a nice way to end the week… are right…we need to keep it all in perspective. Pearl really came into her own didn’t she? She is gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend and talk soon about the skype visit?

  6. Thank you ! I had just paid a disappointing visit to the chick cam (empty) and was doubly happy to see them out posing in the flowers!
    interesting camouflage in that last one.

  7. Beautiful pictures, and the Gems are living up to their names.

  8. What beauties! The top picture, are those RI reds? NH reds?

    PS Reilly is still talking about his day at your farm.

  9. If I was to create a country sceen of chicken serinity it would be just like your photos. I love the idea of chickens pecking and investigating the garden. Just lovely to see. thanks for sharing.