Hurricane Irene Wind Speed

Last night, while watching The Weather Channel, IT Guy typed some code into his laptop, and now you can see the wind speed here at Little Pond Farm (along with the temperature that we’ve always had on the top right of the HenCam screen). That is, you’ll be able to keep tabs on our weather until the power goes out.

Today is the lull before the storm. The animals are acting 100 % normally. Obviously, I can’t rely on them to let me know that a hurricane is brewing.

The animals are relaxing on this hot, humid day, but we humans are busy. I’ll be bringing in those dog beds and the furniture from this deck off my office and that will concern Lily. She hates change, almost as much as she hates seeing me pack a suitcase. She’s an aware, smart dog. Unlike Scooter. As long as there’s a lap to sit in, Scooter is content. He was quite satisfied last night, keeping us company, while we watched reports of impending disaster.

Today I’ll be filling the chickens’ waterers and also a large bucket in the barn. The storm will last less than a day here, but if the power goes out, the well’s pump stops, and we won’t have water. There will, however, be plenty of water coming down out of the sky. If we get the 5 inches predicted, the pond will overflow. The Beast and her minions will have new territory to explore. That will make them quite happy.


  1. Be safe. We’re expecting the same as of now. Tropical Storm Watch has been bumped up to a warning. I’ll be preparing for winds, flooding, and most of all a power outage.

    • I think that people with temperature sensitive animals in aquariums have huge worries! Hope you and your critters stay safe.

  2. Prayers for everyone in the path of this to be safe! Neat to be able to click MPH~ I am glad you made it home before the arrival of all this trouble approaching! Man.. earthquake and hurricane all in one week, yikes~

  3. I can’t wait to hear from you after the storm-! Hang in there.

  4. Hope all goes well with you there Terry, glad you are prepared!

    I’m in Central Virginia(earthquake central) we are not supposed to get hit bad…just on the fringe since it is staying further east. Getting gusty winds now and moderate rain with stronger wind gusts through late tonight/early Sunday…at the most tropical storm level.I’m thankful!!!!

    Much luck to everyone in it’s path. Stay safe!

  5. Sounds like you’ve made some good plans. Stay safe. I’ll be eager to hear tomorrow, that everyone made it through just fine.

  6. Hi Terry
    It is 3:15 here in Temecula. It is a balmy 103 degrees. I will try to let Donna know your situation. She will be very concerned as am I Positive thought and prayers to you all. I will be checking in.
    Best wishes.

  7. Hi

    I would like to ask you, how do you give Chickens a bath? One of my chickens, Susan, has got lots of poo stick to her. Her tail feathers are turning a bit brown as well.
    Stay safe in the storm,

  8. Hi Terry – looks like you haven’t been blown away by Irene. I’ve just seen you skipping about in the mud in your pink wellies!

    Hope you survive unscathed, just a bit muddy.

    All the best