Chicken Keeping Workshop!

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the first Chicken Keeping Workshop, I’ve scheduled another. It will be on Saturday, September 24 from 2 to 4 pm. I’ll cover all of the basics so that you can get started with chickens in your own backyard. You’ll tour my coops and meet the hens (and even learn how to pick one up!)  Once again, I’ll provide homemade cookies and tea (maybe hot if the weather is autumn-chilly), and if you’d like to stay a little longer, you can visit with the goats. The boys would like that.

The cost is only $20. Email me to reserve a spot.

UPDATE:  this workshop is full, but I am taking names for a waiting list. If interested in the next one, please email and I’ll put you on the list.


    • Yes, that’s Agatha. Isn’t she something? My friend, Spencer Webb took the photo. He’s an “amateur” photographer. Yeah. Right. (Click on his link and you’ll read all about antennae. He’s as passionate about designing antennae as he is about photography.)

  1. Terry! What a great picture of you and Agatha! Want you to know that I have managed to beg my principal to let me have the computer on all afternoons so the kids on I will be logging onto to your site on a regular basis to check in! Can’t wait to share more Little Pond Farm with them..Would it be OK if they sent you a blog? Can’t promise any correct grammar but I know they would like it!

    • One of these days I will visit the Temecula schools and meet all of you! Until then, we will share long distance. Yes, would enjoy reading their blog. Also, my offer of a Skype visit to your library still stands. Let’s schedule it! Email me.

  2. love this picture! someday I will plan to be in Mass. in the summer and come to one of these :)

  3. Having been to the first workshop, I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone considering attending. It was a wonderful experience and a glorious day!!

  4. Looks like you have a new star on your hands. Agatha is a real beauty!! You both look so relaxed. I hope you are thinking up a book about your new flock. Each hen seems to have varied and different personalities. Looking forward to your Temecula visit. You won’t be disappointed. Our town has so much to offer.

  5. What a great shot of you and Agatha! Trying to convince DH to take a leaf-peeping, son-visiting, chicken workshop trip this fall. Still working on it…

    • I’m less than 15 minutes from Walden Pond (that Thoreau made famous) and the Minuteman National Historical Park. Well worth visits! We’ll be at the beginning of the fall foliage season and it will be beautiful.

  6. What a great picture! What does the band on Agatha’s leg mean?
    Chickens are so much fun.

    • That’s just an ID band so I can tell my speckled sussex apart from a distance. I also have bands on the look-alike orpingtons. Amber’s is on her left leg, Beryl’s is on the right and Topaz doesn’t have one.

    • We tried to get a photo of me and the goats, but as you can imagine, that was a bit trickier. They were very interested in the equipment and caused an amazing amount of havoc with very expensive gear in just a matter of minutes.

  7. Dear Terry:
    I have been buried in Cape Cod season work (read as chicken-poo without the composting benefits) all this summer and will be into October, but I have noted in my calendar book the date and time. What I need is to see your real place and be with other chicken freaks and you.

    Please email me with other contact info as the date nears so if I can’t be there, I won’t hold up a reservation slot.

    Thank you.

  8. Terry – Love, love, love the picture! I use information everyday from your workshop. Unfortunately I have a Golden Polish with a bald spot. The Nu Kot has been applied but I think we are going to need the duct tape. We will see.

    • I call it the “monk look” when the Polish get that bald spot surrounded by the ring of crazy feathers. The duct tape hat will make them look like kids pretending to be aliens. Do it in time for Halloween.