Sunday Chores

Before I read the Sunday paper I have chores to do.

Weed the corn patch.

Water the flower pots.

Wash two dogs that have rolled in a maggot-covered dead thing.


I think I’ve earned time with the comics. And the crossword puzzle.


  1. Scooter looks very sorry for what he did. But ya know… that doesn’t mean he’s done doing stuff like that. A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do! At least he’ll be fresh and fluffy for a while. :)

  2. What a sweet face:-) At least he’s small and relatively easy to bathe. What is it about those dang smelly dead things anyway?

  3. One the main reasons I prefer cats over dogs. They don’t role in dead stuff or poop !!!

  4. Terry, did you get Opal back ? I see a white chicken on the chick cam. Am I seeing things ?

  5. Scooter looks like he is saying “it was Lilly’s fault”!!!!

  6. My dogs like dead maggoty things and cow manure. Penny the Vizsla isn’t much of a chore, but 100 lb Keon the Yellow Lab is alot of dog to scrub!