San Francisco in August!

This past week my oldest son graduated from high school (I am ridiculously proud of what a wonderful person he is, but I promised him that this blog wouldn’t be about him, so that’s all I’ll say!) Next fall, he’ll be going to college in San Francisco. I’ll be flying out to so settle him into his dorm on August 22. As long as I’m in the Bay Area, I thought that this could be an opportunity for me to do a program on the West Coast.  Perhaps there’s a library or school who would like me to do a Tillie Lays an Egg storytime? Or, maybe there’s an urban farming or gardening group that would like me to present my Chicken Keeping Workshop? I’m willing to stay an extra day to do an appearance (or two.)

I do charge a fee for my talks, but if you can get me to the event and back to my hotel (undecided as yet, ideas?) I won’t charge for other expenses. Email me if you’re interested.


  1. I’m only about 5 hours south of San Francisco. I’d love to attend one of your Chicken Keeping Workshops and would be happy to make the drive. I’ll be checking your schedule periodically. How exciting that you’re coming out west!

  2. How fun! I’m also too far south to be much help for ideas, but I’ll keep it in mind and let my friends in the Bay Area know, in case they can think of something.
    Congratulations to your son. San Francisco is a great city. SF State?? My hubby’s alma mater.

  3. You might find something in Portland along the way up or back. There’s always Powell’s, the Urban Farm Store, Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, the People’s Co-op, the Multnomah County Library system (or Clackamas or Washington Counties), and Growing Gardens. Hopefully that’s helpful :)

    • How I would love a road trip up to Portland! I could do a traveling chicken show :) But, I’m flying in and out of San Francisco. I live near Boston!

  4. Us…us….

    We are in mar in (just over the golden gate) and my sons school incubated some eggs and visit my backyard chickens. They love chickens and would love the opportunity.

  5. Hi Terry! While you are in San Francisco you must visit Joan of Arc French Restaurant….I don’t have the # but everyone knows about it. It is amazing and fabulous! Also visit Notre Dame des Victoires Church…a very old french church that was demolished by the San Fransico earthquake and restored. We have a very dear friend who is a priest there…when we visit we get to stay in the bell Quasimoto?