Good Things

It’s a day to be optimistic. The sun is shining, but it’s not too hot. A walk around the yard is all it takes for stress and tension and worry to dissolve into the breeze. There are good things all around.

Soon to be delicious things. I’m hoping I’ll be able to harvest these blueberries when ripe before the chipmunks and birds do.

Swimming things. The Beast and her entourage are languid in the sunshine.

Slithery things. A baby garter snake is warming herself on the rocks by a back door. Stupefied by the heat, she stays put while I step around her.

Running things. The boys have been grazing in the back meadow. Lately they’ve been avoiding that area, despite the tall grass and briars that they so love to eat, because it’s been too wet and buggy. But today is a grazing day. Still, when they hear me by their stall they come running. I might have popcorn. Popcorn trumps all.

Old friends. Edwina is my regal old lady.

New friends. There’s always one in a lot that distinguishes herself. Agatha Agate, of all of the new birds, is the friendly one. She’s calm, she sidles up to all visitors, and she likes to be stroked. She’s not too bright, but she’s very sweet. I can already tell that Agatha will be the next hen that I bring on school visits.

There, I feel better all ready. Do you?


  1. Yes, I do feel better. I am always reassured when I read your posts and applaud you for sharing your life with us.

  2. You brightened my day. It’s the way you look at things, I think. I love Agatha Agate. What about the blue one? How is she doing?

  3. Your Agatha Agate looks like a twin to my Lucy (now 4 months old)- right down to her demeanor. She is my snuggler, my ‘lap chicken’. Your Aggie will charm your young audiences for sure. Thanks for the refreshing walk through your springtime garden!

  4. Sure do.
    Little Blue Saphire is going to be your movie star, it seems like every time I click on the chick cam she sitting perfectly centered in the camera.

  5. On the blueberries, I hope you have better luck than me, mine have already rippened and the robins and catbirds beat me to every last one. :-(

  6. What a “make you happy, warms your heart” kind of post. Everyone is so happy and Little Pond continues to flourish! So happy to share this glorious day outside too!

  7. thank you! yes the joy of your sunny day penetrates even our grey, damp, June rainy season!

  8. Because of my clay soil here in Redlands I grow blueberries in a 30 gallon pot and when the berries start to ripen I put netting over them to deter the birds,it has helped, but I only have a few bushes.

  9. It’s good to hear about the Beast again. I was wondering how he/she is doing. It will be great for the children to see Ms Agate with her beautiful black and white feathers with a punch of red comb. Probably different from what they usually think of as chicken colors. Thanks for the walk in your garden, too.

  10. Good the see the Beast is doing well. I hope her/his pale offspring will grow as large and as wise too. It has been a hard month for sick animals, first your Lulu. Then on one my other favorite blogs, Geisha the Anglo Nubian goat got ill and died of bloat mostly because of a twisted bowl. I never knew goats could die so easily of bloat like dogs can. The world seems so less bright without reading about her antics of gettinng in her owner’s house, or the garden or going on hour long walks with her owner and a pack of seven dogs. I am hoping maybe next year he will get another one that might have some of her personality. But their will never be another Geisha or Lulu.
    But I do feel better thinking of the future adventures Agatha and Blue will be having on your farm.

  11. About preventing bird damage: Stark Brother’s nursery sells mulberry trees as decoys- the mulberries are supposed to be preferable to birds, so they fill up on mulberries and leave your other fruit alone!

    I know the tree is messy and berries are bland…but has anybody tried this?

  12. Hi Terry, I was just wondering if you had just one goat, would it get lonely?

    • Yes! Goats should never be kept singly. They are herd animals and need the comfort of their friends. Once in awhile you see a goat and a horse be best friends, but you should plan on having at least two goats.

  13. Ok thanks. Also, Iv’e been thinking about getting a couple, but I live in Nebraska and I have no idea where I would go to get some.