Giveaway Winner!

The chicks and I stayed up all night reading the entries. Look how tired they are.

Actually, I read each and every one of them as soon as they hit my computer. I wasn’t fishing for compliments when I posted this contest, but I sure got a creel full! Thanks for all of your enthusiasm for what I do.

I used a random number generator to pick the winner and it’s Sean!


  1. E-eeek! The hens have taken over Candy’s castle!! Both of the Polish and one speckled lady are making themselves at home right now. I love your picture of the chicks. They look like they are playing the “All fall down” game. I note they have substantial wing feathers, which they stretch and flex quite often. I wonder when they will be able to tuck their heads under their wings, rather than flop, beak down, in the shavings (a very alarming pose, as previously noted).

  2. congratulations sean! poor exhausted wee fluffies :)

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you SO much, Terry! I’m so very excited!

  4. aha, you done tuckered those little guys out with all the new excitement of dirt, and dandyloins. I think of my grandfather when spring rolls around. He would have me hunting the yellow caps of the pesty plant for his homemade wine. He would have appreciated you not usuing Round up, Terry. Finding enough dandylion caps that had not been sprayed was hard to do. We had to work fast to get enough before they seeded. By the time he was done the result was this lovely pale yellow hue wine that was almost thick like syrup. And it had quite a punch! He has been long gone many years, but as soon as those bright yellow heads pop up in the spring I can not help but think of him. He made Dandylion and strawberry wines in the bathroom closest! It was kept for special occations only. It would be wonderful to gather them again with him!

  5. Those babies are too cute. I remember with my first batch of chicks, the first time they slept like that, I thought they were all dead! :) So cute!