England So Far

I’m on vacation, so this will be brief and incomplete!

Wendy took me to a charming, very old British town. There are many of these villages, but we went to Rye to shop for vintage things. Here’s a view of from the church steeple.

We parked next to a feed store, so of course we had to pop in there first. I found these boots in a dusty sale bin!

After buying an egg cup and a marvelous tin bucket, and eating fish and chips on a pier, we went to Marle Place. Sweeping lawns, layers and layers of flower and plant beds leading into woodlands, a greenhouse with orchids, a large vegetable garden, and statues fill the grounds. This is only a hint of what is there.

But Wendy hurried me through. Why? She wanted to get home to see how Babs was doing. Eggs were due to be hatched by this very reliable, very good hen.

And they were.

Today we visited a private garden in Kent. It is more fantastical than this photo shows. Every view, every corner was an artistic composition. There was beauty, whimsy and superb plantsmanship (that’s not a word, but it should be.)

It’s off to London tomorrow!


  1. Wow such sites to see. And baby chicks too with a good mother hen. Though not Gladys who stil babied her foster chicks even when they became adults.

  2. Well, I can see your adventure is off to a great start, what fabulous boots! The sights and sounds of England must be marvelous, looking forward to seeing what London brings you, safe travels, Julie.

  3. What a great vacation for you. You sound so excited about each and every thing. Have a wonderful time in London. Cheers!

  4. Babs looks like a spectacularly beautiful hen. What breed is she? Have a great time in London.

    • Hi Jean,
      Babbs is a cross of a black and a buff Orpington. She is very beautiful and you can see more pictures of her on my website. Gladys is now broody so I may have to give her some eggs and juggle two sets of mums and babies which is never easy!

      • Wendy — many thanks for your note. I truly enjoyed your website and the pictures of your gorgeous hens and cats and Tortoise. Big Girl took my breath away. The blue lacing is brilliant.

        • Big Girl is unofficially the world’s most beautiful chicken, and she knows it! Large fowl blue-laced Wyandottes are so hard to find now, it’s mainly bantams on the show circuit. But I see Babbs has hatched a couple while I was in London with Terry yesterday, so they’ll be appearing on my blog soon!

  5. wow, what a great trip. I love all the places you have visited. The boots are to die for. I love them.

  6. Welcome to England, Terry! Glad to see your days are full of nice things and that you’re enjoying some feathered friends as well as human ones!!
    Perhaps you’ll make it down here to Cornwall next trip?!

  7. You actually bought those boots…right?right?right? Don’t you dare leave them behind in England – wear em’ home on the plane! Wonderful things. Can’t wait to see the egg cup. We’re all keeping a close eye on your fur and feather clan while you’re gone.

  8. OMG! Wish they could ship some of those boots here! ADORABLE!!!!!!

  9. Wow! What an amazing trip you are having! I bet you are glad you have the hencam to check in now and then :) I’m sure your girls miss you and I bet you won’t believe how BIG the chicks have become when you return home! Let us know if you pick up any new chicken tips! Warm regards, Melissa

  10. @ my British readers – I wish that I could visit all of you!
    @ my boot lovers – yes, I bought them – ON SALE – and they are now packed in the suitcase, stuffed with socks that are wrapped around a jar of gooseberry jam.