Writer’s Procrastination

I’m working on a big book. Now, a lot of people say they’re writers and never actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard.) I have to admit that this book is mostly in my head. But, having actually written books that have been printed, I know how to buckle down and force myself to write. Which I’ll do soon. But not today.

Today it is GLORIOUS out. It is a day to procrastinate. But, being as how I think of myself as a writer, and thus feel guilty if I’m not writing, I procrastinate very, very productively. That way, I feel as if I’ve accomplished a lot, even if I haven’t gotten to the one, very hard thing, which is the writing.

Today I noticed that my curtains were looking winter-dusty. Down they came, were run through the wash, and then set outside to whiten in the sun.

With the curtains down, I noticed that the windows needed washing. These are big windows, which require me to climb on a ladder – something I don’t enjoy and so felt very productive. What a difference clean windows make! It’s now so cheery and sunny inside!

The goat’s paddock needed raking, as did the chicken run. And the raspberries needed to have the old canes cut down and tossed into the woods. I also needed to straighten the electric fence in the goat’s meadow.

All that procrastination and it’s only two o’clock! The goats say that it would be a good use of my time to give them scratches. They’re very itchy, shedding out their coats in this warm weather. But, first I have to pick my son up from school and take him to his music lesson.

Lily never procrastinates. She’s already killed one garden vole today. Even when she’s resting, she’s on duty.

Just like me. I got some writing done in my head today. I’m sure I’ll get it onto paper tomorrow. Unless this weather continues. If so, I’ve got a packet of peas to procrastinate with.


  1. Good girl Lilly.
    My Scooter got one of those pesky moles yesterday in my yard but his hunting skills ends up costing me work though. I have to fill the holes back in.
    Terry, seeing your curtains in the sun reminds me of what my grandmother always would say on a warm, sunny and breezy Sprng day. “it’s a good quilt washing day”. ;-)

  2. Oh Geez! You reminded me of my windows! They look sad and sorrowful…I need a procrastination day as well! You are right..there is something wonderful about clean windows.

  3. I have a friend who says the only way to get anything done is to have something you need to do, that you want to do *less*!!!!!

  4. Yep. Windows are high on my to-do list. All that rain made a mess of them.
    Ground squirrels just took out all of our turnips. They burrowed under our wire cages. Aargh! Do you rent Lily out?

  5. I recommend getting a squeegee for the windows. Pros use the squeegees, and most hardware stores carry them. I do windows that are 15 feet above the ground with the telescoping handle. The secret is to use ammonia and a few drops of dishsoap which lubricates rubber as it squeezes the water away. No ladders, unless you have multiple levels.

  6. As an artist I also find many ways to procrastinate when I have a painting looming. My latest way is to garden and raise chickens – what a wonderful way to feel productive while avoiding the “real” work!