Signs of Spring

Yesterday the last pile of snow in the backyard melted away.

There was sun and warmth. I checked the temperature of the pond’s water. It was over 40ºF which means that the fish can come out of their winter slowness and eat! For now they’re on a special, easy to digest feed, until it gets really hot.

The Beast was especially hungry.

As you can see, the trees are still bare and the yard is more brown than green, but in the woods there are deep emeralds of ferns and moss.

There’s beauty everywhere.

Last night, the surest sign of spring was LOUD and clear. Singing peepers, with a deep background chorus for bullfrogs.

I heard them.


  1. Sweet! Each day brings new beauty and discoveries. Enjoy.

  2. Ok, tell this midwesterner what a peeper is?

    Enjoy the new sounds, I can only imagine what it’s like.

    This morning I heard the neighborhood wild turkeys gobble, another sign of spring.

    • Spring peepers! Teeny tiny frogs that are so loud that you have to close the windows to have dinner conversation. If you live near wetlands, they’re your summer chorus.

  3. Cool!!! We already have green grass EVERYWHERE here in Nebraska, I’m glad it finally made it to where you live so the fishies can come out! (and the chickens can be out in the sun!!!)

  4. Terry, how do you care for your fish and pond during the winter? I love seeing these pictures!

    • The pond has a filter and running water that stays on all winter. That keeps the bottom from freezing solid. Under that big rock is a “fish cave” where the fish go into a semi-hibernation. So far, they’ve come through the winters healthy as can be.