Winter Eggs

Obviously, it’s still winter here. Snow is falling in fat, heavy flakes. The shoveled path, that had a bare spot of earth yesterday, is hidden again. The barn roof is white.

But the chickens are heading into spring. There’s more daylight, and that’s what matters. Yesterday, either Coco or Betsy laid a small white egg. The Polish are laying. Agnes and Philomena are laying. I collected four eggs. Four!

I’ve kept chickens for fifteen years and these winter eggs still give me a thrill. There’s an optimism in the air when there are eggs in the nesting boxes. It’s tangible proof that the seasons change – even this season of interminable snow.

Actually, it’s rather beautiful out right now. The old snow pack had become dirty and worn. This morning’s snow is soft and fluffy and hides all flaws. It comes down slowly, drifting through the air. I can appreciate the beauty of today’s weather because the hens have let me know, with incontrovertible proof, that this will not last and that spring is on the way.


    • What’s interesting are those two brown eggs are laid by two hens of the same age and breeding. Yet one always lays a dark egg, the other a lighter egg that’s more bulbous. The egg on it’s side was laid by a bantam and is so small that it would fall right through the holder’s hole.

  1. So what are you planning to do with those lovely fresh eggs.
    My old Betty Crocker cookbook has a recipe for quiche lorraine, and guess what, only needs four eggs.

    . Yum Yum.

  2. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but LOVE the egg holder!! Was it the one used on Martha?

    • No, that was a different one on Martha. I found the one pictured on ebay. The bottom tier slides out. Old paint, but not original. It’s seen a lot of use!

  3. It does look beautiful out there. I love it when the snow floats down in big flakes. If you have a dark colored jacket on, you can see the amazingly intricate detail of those perfectly formed miracles of nature when they land on your sleeve. :) Looks like you gave the girls a thank you gift for those pre-season egg this morning (whatever is in the pan in their run today). That’s a really nifty antique egg holder, too!

  4. Our winter and our stories have really parralled each other this year! I have been reading your blog for years now but this year its like your reading my mind! 10 new inches of snow Sunday but got my 4th egg of the year! Sunny side up, on toast with my local sausage…yum, Spring!

    • Isn’t it great to be able to buy local sausage from pastured pigs? Totally different, totally better than supermarket sausage – even the expensive brands.

  5. I can tell spring is coming by all the broody hens pecking my hands when I collect eggs. ;-)

  6. What a blessing! It is wonderful to have the sun show it’s self earlier and earlier each day!

  7. I don’t know what is in the water, but even the old girls have started up again….My wine cooler (tee hee) has now doubled for eggs all awaiting customers…this morning I counted the cartons…12 dozen!!!!!…Maybe I will sit on the corner this weekend…I love doing that..I meet the most interesting people!

  8. I love this post. I had not thought of it, but the five eggs I am getting daily now make me just as happy! I stuck one in a pocket tonight and broke it when I bent over, and could have kicked myself! Winter eggs! It’s a great story!

  9. Yeah, I’m going to say “Love the egg holder” too. I’ll be keeping a watch for one like it. I am also looking for an egg scale but don’t want to pay $50 for it:)

  10. All of those gorgeous eggs! Could use some for more of your delicious recipes. So glad you read my review of your book. I do love it and I think that is sad you don’t get anything from those outrageous prices on Amazon. Question – how did you find my blog post? I am always surprised when people actually read the dang thing :)

    • I have a google search that alerts me whenever my books are mentioned on the web. I’m always delighted to see them in the hands of people who use them! What do you think, everyone, more recipes?

  11. I am new to raising chickens having purchased 8 red sex linked hens in the fall. These hens each lay an egg a day and have been all winter. From what I have read here and at other sites this is unusual for winter?? Do I have super layers or could it be that they are young and once they started laying they are going to just keep on laying until their first molt? I am raising them organically and it is wonderful to have fresh eggs daily without the $5/dozen price tag!

    • Sex-link, which are modern hybrids, like golden comets, (which I have) will lay an egg a day through the winter. As much as I love the looks and personalities of some of the older breeds, the hybrids do lay far more eggs. You’ll see a reduction in laying as they get older.