Noisy World

It is a very noisy world. I knew this, but since, for the last thirty-five years I’ve been slowly, gradually losing my hearing, sounds slipped away until I didn’t realize they were gone. In December I got a cochlear implant and last month it was turned on. My brain is being bombarded by electrical stimulation directly on the auditory nerve. Thankfully, it’s choosing to tell me what it’s hearing a little bit at a time.

Tick-tick-tick-tick. When I’m in the hallway, there’s a noise. It starts and stops when I start and stop. Is it something I’m wearing? No, it’s my shadow, Lily, always there, toenails clicking on the wood floor.

And, who knew that the retractable leash whirrs when it slips back and forth? I stopped in my tracks yesterday, wondering what the odd-sounding machine was. I can’t tell where the sounds are coming from, so I looked all around. Nothing. It wasn’t until we’d walked a half-mile that I was able to connect the sound with the movement of the leash. I’ve taken Lily for many walks since the surgery, but this was the first time I heard the leash.

I’m also hearing the antique clock in the guest bedroom chime. Am I the only one who finds that annoying and not charming?

Scooter licks his paws and private parts, a lot. A bit obsessive, really. Which didn’t bother me, but now I can hear it. Loud and slurpy. Ewww.

When Lily yawns, she makes a squeak sound at the end. That’s cute.

The good with the bad. I’ll take it all.


  1. It’s so interesting to hear about what you are experiencing with sound! I had to laugh out loud when I read about your Scooter! My Gem does that too and a bit obsessive also! Ewww is right! Wish he’d cut it out! :)

  2. Terry my Lulu licks a lot as well but not herself. She likes to groom Fu’s eyes and a particular spot right behind her should. Like you the sound drives me CRAZY. After a few seconds I have to tell her to knock it off!!

  3. Can hardly wait until the spring peepers start up in the ponds and bogs! The sound can go right through your bones, it’s so loud and constant. Spring will bring all sorts of sounds…birds, frogs, traffic (eww), wind in the new leaves… The crunch of grass underfoot, and that drone of insects and lawnmowers. But it will be warmer, and no snow!

  4. Terry, thanks for letting us in on what you are experiencing with your CI. I have wondered if you will hear more as time passes, or if voices will sound different. I’m so happy that you are doing well, and hope you’ll continue to keep us up to date. Thanks, Michele

  5. Terry a side bar to this topic. I’ve noticed your temps have been in the upper 50’s lately, have you noticed a reduction in your snow pack?

    Just think your temps would probably be in the 70’s without the snow.

  6. Glad to hear you are discovering sounds again. At least though you don’t have a huskie or a siamese cat. Because both of those can be quite talkative and annoying. :) (Or even a fat cat who starts meowing for breakfast at five in the morning.)

  7. All the little noises we take for granted… I just heard my sleepy hound smack his lips together and then yawn! Now all I hear is the wind outside my window. I think of you when I listen closely. Thanks for sharing this enlightening experience with your readers.

  8. I echo the comments of others — I so appreciate your sharing the blossoming of sound in your daily life. As a musician, I find myself shivering with happiness when reading about your expanding aurocopia (that’s a made-up word for aural horn of plenty)…… Blessings and best wishes for peepers, chirping birds, clucking hens and maybe a bit of Beethoven and Bach in your coming months.

  9. It’s wonderful to know that you are hearing more and more – and that you’re discovering new sounds every day. Thanks for keeping us updated. The sounds of nature, especially in the spring, are something to look forward to. I’m with you on that antique clock, though. Those annoy me too, but if you live in the same house with one, you eventually learn to ignore it (or so I’m told!).

  10. I don’t think I notice half the sounds around me – in fact I’m very good at ignoring sounds!

    Sometimes when we’re out on a walk miles from anywhere we sit and name the sounds we can hear – it’s always enlightening, especially if we are on a hill high above a village.

    Enjoy your new sound world :-)

  11. I so want my mom to start reading some of your posts on this as it will help her to know what to expect. I bet it can be very unsettling and my mom lives alone now. I’m so happy you are experiencing new sounds ongoing. What a wonderful thing!

  12. YES! I agree that the sounds of clocks can be very very annoying… :-)