Who’s To Blame?

Early this morning the snow came straight down in fat, heavy flakes. Then there was freezing sleet. Now it’s a drenching, cold rain. The ground is slush. Simply put, it’s miserable out there.

My dogs believe that I am the source of all good things. But, I’m also the source of all bad things. This weather is my fault. At breakfast, Lily slunk around the house, glaring at me, willing me to fix things. I didn’t.  She’s settled onto her bed. Deep sighs. Baleful glances.

Sorry, Lily.


  1. Horrible, nasty weather here in New Hampshire, too. Cocker Spaniel has given up on going out and is burrowed into sheepskin bed like a hibernating bear. Maybe my Egg Cookbook will come today, I can’t wait!

  2. Cats are so very different!

    They know that it’s pointless to blame ones the servants when the weather is bad.

    They just make sure they get the most comfortable bed possible and stay there all day until time for supper (which the servants will serve on time of course)


  3. Perhaps a sweater and matching chicken hat for Lily ?! Yes, what happened to the temp gauge on the hen cams ? We are a breezy 78 here in Florida and running the A/C at night. Your snow is so beautiful and refreshing to look at ! Surely warm weather isn’t far away for you all !

  4. Ooo. She looks very displeased! By your description of the weather, though, the weather should change in a few minutes! We’re getting some drizzle here. Rain expected today and tomorrow. I, for one, love it.

  5. My dog is looking for “The Door into Summer”, (Heinlein). * She keeps going to the door, once it’s opened, turning and looking up at me, then back to the door…then tries to dodge around me to not go out…so I grab her and out she goes, anyway….she stays out a minimum amount of time, comes back in, and in 45 minutes is at the door again… Repeat from * ;-) She’s sure that maybe it’s switched to warm and sunny!

  6. My chickens had to spend most of the day in their coop yesterday and they are NOT happy about that. They go out in any kind of weather, but Mama has a cold and doesn’t want to chase them around in a rainstorm. The 3 young ones think it’s fun to stay out until the last glimmer of sunlight. I guess that’s like when we were kids and got to stay out until the street lights came on.

  7. My cats DO blame me for bad weather. When I try to get them to go out anyway, they run away. To another door. They are looking for the door to summer, sure it is out there somewhere. Cats and doors are so funny. My super smart cat has figured out many things on her own, including opening the french door by jumping up onto the bar handle and pressing it down with her weight. Easier these days, as she has become quite ….. large. But she has never figured out which side the door is going to open from! When I’m going to open it for her (like a good servant) she goes back and forth, side to side, never quite sure where it will be opening. Odd.

  8. 2/27/11 Looking at today’s Blog…I’ll bet Lily is REALLY miffed at you now!! : )