Smart Dogs

What the road in front of my house looked like this morning.

Light snow and some freezing rain has fallen all day.

The dogs know what to do.


  1. For the first time in my 53 years, we had snow that stuck for 24 hours. My smart Kitty is curled up on two blankets. We wimpy California folks aren’t used to this!

  2. I know what it’s like to wonder if spring will ever come. Hang in there and enjoy the beauty if nothing else. Stay warm!

  3. Terry,

    Was checking “sick chicken” info on Google and came upon your blog, etc. Have really enjoyed it. Absolutely beautiful picture of “the road in front of your house” . . .would make a beautiful card. Since I live in Southeast Georgia, can’t imagine snow in like this. We did have 3 brief snow episodes this winter but barely covering the ground and not lasting long. I live in the country, 27 acres which is part of the 120 acres my parents owned. My father farmed in his earlier years growing corn, tobacco, peanuts, and cotton. We always had a vegetable garden and canned the vegetables and prepared for the freezer as well. Had a milk cow or two, hogs and chickens. As time has passed, I have lived in Nashville, TN, Macon, GA, Winter Haven, FL, Vidalia, GA and now back out in the country from Vidalia to my home place which is out from the small city Lyons, GA. My daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren live near me as well as a niece and her family and a nephew and his family. Between all of us, the farm area we share includes about 19 goats, 2 Great Pyrenees LGDs, 3 roosters,4 hens, 3 Pekin ducks, 11 cats, 9 other dogs (Bassets, Labs, etc), 3 rabbits, and 6 quail. I have one Black chicken (like Twinkydink) currently setting on about 21 eggs . . . hopefully will have some Easter chicks. I am interested in looking at your HenCam and GoatCam since they are sleeping tonight. Also will share your web site info to niece who teaches school in the Martinsville, VA school system. She will be interested also. She hatched chicks and ducks in her classroom for her students which was apparently a great learning experience for children. Will follow you blog, etc. along from time-to-time. THANKS FOR SHARING!

  4. Terry, I do feel your frustraction and pain with all the winter weather you have been having. Spring can’t come soon enough for all of us.
    Although, I will take what you had over what I went through last night at around 11:30 pm. TORNADO!!!. I spent about 15 minutes under the basement steps with my three dogs. Have not been that scared in a long time. Good news we all made it including the chicken coops. Just some limbs down and the patio furniture up against the fence. The tornado went about a 1/2 mile south.
    When the tornado sirens woke me up I ran to the dining room window and saw my magnolia tree flapping in the wind like a sheet on a clothesline on a windy day. I ran for the basement with dogs in tow, they knew something was wrong.

    • Oh! Glad you are all safe and sound. If there was a tornado here, no one would recognize the siren, nor know what to do. Once in a great long while one twists through. Scary.

      • Ken, my cousin in Clayton (St. Louis) was in the basement last night too! Terry, I found when I moved out to NJ from the Midwest, that no one knew what a tornado siren was. That’s the one thing I don’t miss about the Midwest.

  5. I stroll over to the chicken cam daily to look for a minute. I am amazed that there is still that much snow & ice on ground. It has been very nice in Texas for a couple of weeks ago and winter is quickly being showed the back door for a few more months. It may look pretty but after awhile pretty can go away for another pretty. That would be the pretty of spring.

  6. What a beautiful road in front of your house!
    Love snows photos, because I live in a tropical country.
    The dogs looks very comfortable.