This Saturday On Animal Planet…

I’m a halfway-decent dog trainer. I’ve even managed to turn my crazy border collie/rat terrier mix into a dog that we enjoy living with. On top of the manners, I’ve taught her tricks to keep her mind and body busy. You can see her put away her toys here.

But, those dog training skills aren’t why, back in July, I got a call from a producer at Animal Planet. The new season of It’s Me Or The Dog was being filmed and they needed my expertise. I was thrilled! It’s Me Or The Dog is one of the few programs on television that shows how positive reinforcement and sane, appropriate relationships with your dogs can improve everyone’s lives (animals and their owners alike.)

So, I packed up my car with three of my animals and drove to Long Island for the taping. I’m not supposed to tell you who I brought, but I bet you can guess.

The episode The Castle Goes to the Dogs airs on Saturday, January 15 at 8 pm on Animal Planet. Check their site for listings – it goes into immediate and frequent re-runs.

(There wasn’t a make-up or hairstylist on site. I haven’t seen the show, but I’m already obsessing about my hair!)


  1. Terry – I love that show and really look forward to seeing you on it along with your mystery guests!!

  2. I will have my DVR all set to record you! Can’t wait..and BTW..your hair looks cute!

  3. I’m with Donna… DVR will be set to record you for sure. I’m so excited to see you on TV again! Also, I don’t see anything at all wrong with your hair. We are our own worst critics, aren’t we?

  4. Am looking forward to seeing you- I have never seen this show, and as my earlier email to you can attest, I am looking for all the pointers I can get! :)

  5. Congratulations Terry! As a dog lover, chicken lover, and goat lover I can’t wait to see the show!

  6. OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just clicked on the hen cam, WOW. That’s a lot of snow and it looks like the wet heavy kind by the way it’s sticking to the side of the chicken run.

  7. Some programs are dubbed others are subtitled.
    I will watch and I’ll tell you how it went.

  8. Imagine my surprise to be sitting there watching my favorite dog trainer only to see you walk through the door with your chickens. How very exciting! You looked wonderful and so comfortable in front of the camera.
    Nice job….could there be a spin off in all this?
    “It’s Me Or The Hen”

    • Or maybe “it’s me or the goat.” Before the snow fell, I was training the goats to play soccer. I suppose my time would be better spent teaching them to stand still for hoof trimming, but the soccer is so much fun. Goat rules include head butting.