Darth Vader’s Hens

My cochlear implant was turned on yesterday. From now on, I will be hearing via electronic stimulation of my auditory nerve. I was told that at first, everyone would sound like Donald Duck. My audiologist was wrong. It’s more like voices have gone through one of those voice-changing machines that the bad guys use when they leave ransom messages.

My chickens sound like I imagine chickens would sound like if Darth Vader raised them. Does this look like a hen from the evil empire?


  1. LOL! I’m sure the “new way” of hearing will take some getting used to- I was wondering how things were going. I appreciate your sense of humour and willingness to share with all of us! Have a wonderful day!

  2. heh…only when you’re late with feed! how long before sounds normalize?

  3. So instead of a Death Star, we would have a Death Egg??? I think I could get behind that! LOL

  4. I bet she’s wondering if she’s showing her good side or if she should turn real quick.

    Glad to hear the implant works, good news!!!

  5. Terry..you made my day..that is hysterical….Thanks for all you do to keep us entertained and letting us share in your progress!

  6. Glad to hear the implants are working. I guess you are in an adjustment period. Hopefully your brain will adjust and make sense of the odd tones.

    Great picture, Terry. Darthlomena looks like she’s ready to take somebody down!

  7. Luke i am your father haha. I hope she doesnt join the dark side persobally i like my eggs sunny side up. Hahaha. That was a bad joke huh?

  8. I’m so excited for you! I had a student a number of years ago who received her double hearing aids when she was in my 2nd grade class. She gave me a beautiful wind chime which hangs on the front porch. She wanted to remind me of the sounds she could now hear. I think of her every day. I will now think of you too and all the new and strange sounds you will be hearing. :)

  9. That’s a great photo Terry!

    I must be hard to trust the experts and believe your new ear will normalise with time. But how exciting! I hope your new ear tunes into some lovely sounds, not least the voices of your hens and goats.

    Wishing you well

  10. Excellent photograph!

    -I hope the sounds “normalize” soon!

  11. I must not have read earlier about an implant, but congratulations on being able to get one! I think they are fascinating, and I love the analogy!

    Many years ago (10?) I started to hear my heartbeat in one ear. Sometimes it’s so loud it drowns out noises. I realized several years later that I had learned to tune it out and had even come up with some compensating mechanisms. Now I just notice it in certain situations. Best wishes with your new ear. :)

  12. I’m so glad that the technology has advanced to allow adults with hearing loss to get this implant! I hope your brain makes sense of the sounds quickly!