Lily’s New Bed

My dogs follow me everywhere. Three other people live in this house, but I’m the dog magnet. So, it’s a good thing that my office is such a fine place for dogs. There’s a big glass door and a porch with a view of the street. They both have beds, but Lily’s is too small.

Despite a long to-do list, I decided to make Lily a new bed today. Scooter would get her old bed, which he prefers to the polka dot one.

I’m not much of  a seamstress, but I can sew a straight line. I had some fleece and fabric scraps, so I spent the morning on this project. I appliqued hearts and bones (thinking they might hide the dog hair.) Lily would have preferred dead squirrel graphics, but I decided that that was beyond my abilities.

I put the bed down.

Scooter claimed it.

Lily wanted to lay on her bed. She wanted to look out the window. Scooter said there was no room.

I told Scooter that I was giving him the old bed, and set it right next to the new one. He balefully looked at me. I picked him up. He growled. He was embarrassed at growling at me, but he had to. He just did. I set him down on the new bed. I called Lily over. She lay down, keeping an eye on Scooter.

The bed is the perfect size for Lily to curl up. It’s big enough that none of her toes have to touch the carpet. That is, if she has it all to herself. But she doesn’t. Scooter says she has to share.

Good dog, Lily.

Finally! The little dog has gone downstairs to sit on a warm lap on the couch (the only reason to leave my office) and Lily has her new bed to herself. The way it should be.


  1. Good for you Terry on your dog bed creation! I’ve been saying I need to do that with the scrap fabric I have lying around and just can’t make myself get to it! You’ve inspired me to make it happen. Isn’t that funny how Scooter growled like that? That is just like my Cooper. He would do that and just like you said, be embarrassed after! He’s done that before and it’s so funny. They know they shouldn’t have growled but they had to vent. Too cute!

  2. Terry, what did you use for stuffing ? Looks like Scooter has determined which bed is warmer !

    • The fabric is inexpensive fleece. The filling is polyfill – I got it for free! Someone left bags of it at the “swap shed” at the town transfer station (a fancy name for a trash dump where the trash is hauled away.)

  3. That story was adorable…..wretched weekend for me… made me smile..Thanks Terry!

    • That’s their job isn’t it, to make us smile? Lily thinks she has many jobs, like screeching barking at the Vizla that she holds a grudge against. If that’s all she did, there’d be no smiles here, but, thank goodness there’s more to her than that.
      Hope the week is better for you than whatever went wrong on the weekend!

  4. My Skippy (rat terrior mix) has a fleece St Louis Rams blanket (one of the really cheap ones they gave a way at a Rams games a couple years ago) that he LOVES. It’s just the right size for him to drag around. If he wants it on the couch he drags it up there, if I’m in the kitchen and Lulu (Boston Terrier) is under the dining room table watching me he drags it in there to make his watching me cook with Lulu a little more comfortable. And the blanket has to be just so, he takes several minutes getting it just right. ;-) It truely is adorable.

  5. When we went to my friend’s house, 16 years ago, to pick up the then 8 week-old Kipper and his litter sister The Boo (given name Inge), they were to be found in the middle of a huge dog bed, while the family’s immense Dalmation slept on the floor next to it. This had been going on since the kittens’ eyes had opened, and the dog didn’t dare try to get into his bed for fear of being hissed at!