Goat Notes Giveaway!

Goat Notes are now up on Etsy.com!

They are available for purchase, either individually or as a custom set of your choosing.

To celebrate the re-opening of my Etsy shop, I’m having a drawing for a set of all five cards (and a small, surprise gift!) All you have to do is tell me the title of the photo that you like the best. To read the titles, click on each picture. It’ll link you right through to Etsy and you can see all the details.

Leave your entry in the comments below. One entry per person, please. The contest closes Nov. 17 at midnight, EST. International entries are welcome! A winner will be picked using a random number generator. Best of luck!


  1. My favorite is A Meeting of the Minds (because it captures all the elements of your farm) with Got Peanuts a very close second, because who can’t love a face like that!

  2. My favorite is the one called meeting of the minds. I was just telling my friend at church yesterday(she raises rabbits) how cute it was. Please enter me in your drawing.

  3. I love “A Meeting of the Minds”. Love goats and Lop Ear Rabbits.

  4. The Meeting of the Minds is my favorite. I love Candy and look at that rabbit every chance I get. Reminds me of trying to communicate without talking.

  5. I just adore your goats! I have been wishing for goats for the longest time, but we live in town so it’s a no-can-do. Boo! I adore the “got peanuts” snapshot of Pip, he’s very photogenic!

  6. Absolutely—Meeting of the Minds…that’s one hypnotic bunny…I can almost hear her…”Look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy”

  7. I like In the Clover, because of the crocked grin! Which one has the spotted chest, Pip or Caper? How do you tell their faces apart?

  8. Meeting of the Minds is the clear favorite. How could anyone not love that precious Candy ???? BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  9. I like “Got Peanuts” It’s such a cute photo of a “smiling” goat!

  10. “Got Peanuts” is my favorite! Who could not resist that cute pink nose hanging over that door!

  11. I love meeting of the minds. Please enter me in contest.
    I use to have a lop-eared rabbit and I love Candy.

  12. I love them all, but when thinking of the person I would give them to- it has to be “Brothers”. My daughter wants goats so badly, but at 21 and finishing her senior year in college it is not likely to happen soon. “Got Peanuts” is a close second!

  13. It’s so difficult to choose just one when you love them all!
    However, ” Got Peanuts?” has to be my top pick. Pip’s expression is priceless!
    He loves those peanuts, and I think he LOVEs his owner too! There is a lot of LOVE in those big beautiful eyes! Pip is so cute, and he knows it!

  14. A Meeting of the Minds is our favorite and we would love to see pics of the girls/hens too. In the end we love them all. Thanks

  15. My favorite is “Meeting of the Minds”it says so much in the photo

  16. I like the photo of Pip and Candy. If only all countries and religions could get on like they do!

  17. My choice is ‘Meeting of the Minds’, couldn’t you just cuddle them both??

  18. My favorite is ‘Meeting of the Minds’. I imagine one thinking, “I love my pet bunny” while the other one thinks, “I love my pet goat”…

  19. I love the “Meeting of the Minds”! I use to raise lop eared bunnies so of course that one stole my heart!
    My bunny was named Peaches :)

  20. Even though I have a thing for Pip’s smile, my favorite is “Meeting of the Minds”. Part football huddle, part conspiracy. All great stocking stuffers.

  21. Sheesh. That was tough! I’m going to choose “A Meeting of the Minds” in the long run though. After all, it’s the best of all worlds: a bunny, a goat, and a hen in the back! Great photos!

  22. “Got Peanuts” I had a pet goat growing up, she lived in the house and was just like a dog, so, I have to admit, I just love seeing that little face looking for a treat.

  23. They are all terrific– your boys are so handsome, healthy and happy! But I am choosing A Meeting of the Minds! I am a sucker for inter-specie friendships and I am also a sucker for Candy. I only know her from Hencam, but you can tell she is really special!

  24. As much as I love In the Clover, my favorite (by not very much over Clover) is Meeting of the Minds. Very close.

  25. My favorite is “Meeting of the Minds”! Pip and Candy are looking at each other so adoringly. It was hard to pick a favorite. They are all so good. But “Meeting of the Minds” just seems to stand out.

  26. My favorite is a “A Meeting of the Minds”. The picture just captures the title. It just looks like that is what is going on in the picture.

  27. They are all great, but my favorite is “A Meeting of the Minds”. Goats are such great animals, I have Pygmys and they are always into something kind of like Pip and Caper!

  28. Love all the pictures, Terry, but I must choose “In the Clover” as it captures the true mischievous spirit of these darling boys!

  29. got peanuts is my favorite! it’s so funny to see goats give you that loving and hopeful look in waiting for that special treat! although I do have to admit that it’s funny to hear them when you don’t happen to have anything to give them…..

  30. It’s a toss up between got peanuts and meeting of the minds. The photography is beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Terry, congratulations! Best wishes and good health! :)

  32. Beautiful pictures! Meeting of the Minds is my favorite. I would love to see pictures of the hens as well!

  33. Best Wishes, Terry on your special day, your Birthday! “Got Peanuts” is my fav .. .. .. Just love Pip’s adorable face .. ..

  34. I like “A Meeting of the Minds,” because it reminds me of the 12 years I had with my rabbit named Peter.” I also wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, Terry! Thank you for sharing your beloved animals with us every day! :)

  35. Terry – I would like to purchase some cards and ETSY would not let me do so. Please help ! Thanks !

    • Selling cards on Etsy.com is new to me. Sorry that this is difficult. If you purchase 4 or more, email me and I’ll set up a private listing – the cards are then 20% off and I keep shipping as low as possible.