Fashion Dangers

It’s coming on to winter, so it’s time to think about getting the boots out of the closet and putting them by the porch door. I watch Project Runway. I know that boots with heels are in fashion. Heidi Klum struts around in five-inch heels and manages to look elegant and powerful. She’s probably going to wear boots like these this winter:

Maybe these boots are fine when walking on flat ground, where there’s no ice or snow. Maybe. But to me, they look like an accident about to happen. Fashion is dangerous!

Around here, we have our own sense of style. LL Bean Boots are classics.

Sensible, sturdy, warm. But safe? Not always.

Left by the back door, wild animals appropriate them for their own uses. Always, always, look inside before slipping them on.


  1. What a nice, cozy root cellar ! I started checking my boots and shoes the year that we had a field mouse in the house that we couldn’t seem to catch for anything!

  2. That’s great! I usually end up with a spider or two. I would take that bumpy walk anytime!

  3. I had a wasp in the toe of my shoe when I was a kid. Not a happy event for my big toe. I shook shoes out for years before putting them on!

  4. Hee heeee!!! I remember when I was a child, I was accused of putting hazelnuts in my Dad’s wellies – wasn’t me gov’! ’twas the mice wot did it!

    BTW Terry – the whole range of our jewellery will be on etsy early next week – Rachel is making the pieces to order. Yes, I love those falling oak leaves too ;-)


    • For those of you who haven’t seen Celia’s etsy site – to here
      Check out her new line of jewelry. I love it (hint, Steve, especially those oak leaf earrings. hint.)

  5. Had a mouse in my boot once – chased or dropped in there by the cat. Don’t know who had the greater shock, the mouse or me!

  6. As a child my husband, whose father was a structural engineer, lived in those countries in which scorpions nested in shoes. To this day, he still checks for inhabitants.

  7. I caught a field mouse in my cellar last night. I remove and dry the felt inserts of my Bean boots each night on the radiator. I’d better check for squatters now before I don my boots, as there may be more rodents lurking about.

  8. One year my boots were filled with dogfood that a mouse had stolen right out of the dog dish!

  9. Terry, did not understand. What’s inside the boot? Your son is better?

    • Angela- inside the boot are acorns, which are nuts from oak trees! A squirrel thought that the boot would make a good place to store her food for winter.
      Yes, my son is better. He now has a cast from his fingers to his armpit, but he’s not in pain and he’s on the path to recovery.