Got Peanuts?

Pip:  Peanuts?

Yes, Pip, you can have two.

Pip:  Just two?

Yes, it’s not good for goat boys to eat too much rich food.

Pip:  But I can look even cuter. Please?


Caper:  She’s just keeping them for herself. I bet there’s more in here.

Let go of the zipper.

Caper:  It won’t hurt to have three peanuts. Just three.


Pip:  Oh so sad and hungry! See, I’m not wagging my tail anymore.

Okay, okay. But this is the last one.

Thanks, Goat Maid. You can have one too.


  1. That is one irresistable face! I can imagine it’s not easy to say “no”.

  2. What darling boys. Give them kisses for us too. And just one more won’t hurt, we promised to play them off.

  3. They really do speak, don’t they? Pip is so well named. He is such a character, this whole sequence just makes me smile. PS Lulu’s feathers seem to be growing in nicely.