1. Hi Terry – Sylvie is the quickest to slip through the gate and into the veg garden – the others would if I don’t spot them first! (except for Phoebe, she doesn’t like fruit – it’s the sticky juiciness around the beak! not nice – in her opinion! Hens are funny aren’t they!)


  2. LOL. My girls let me know when the grapes are ripe!!! AND they can manage to jump 2 to 3 feet straight up to get to the grapes but let me raise the nesting boxes to that height so I didn’t have to bend my surgically repaired knee to collect eggs and they suddenly can’t do it and lay on the floor. I think I’ve been had…..

  3. LOL!!! you are all too funny today! Sorry to hear you didn’t beat the girls to the berries- what was the plan for them?

  4. Are the raspberries descendants of the canes I gave you before I left (and before you moved to your present location)? Those were Heritage which is an everbearing variety. The first batch of berries is, of course, always the biggest and best but they always continued through the summer with a second, but less big crop, in the fall. I’m sure they haven’t done as well as usual due to the very hot weather. I heard so many negative comments that I have never tried to grow them here in NC. I’ve really missed having them in my yard and being able to share the jelly with everyone. I didn’t have hens to steal the crop although there was a tumble-down hen house on the property.