Announcing (drum-roll please) ringtones of the sounds of Little Pond Farm! It took quite a  bit of doing, of sneaking around with a super-duper recording device, and of editing with special computer software, but HenCam ringtones are now available for your iPhone! (And, soon, an album will be up on iTunes, so that those of you with other phones can download them. I’ll let you know when iTunes clears them for sale.) Update: the album is now available on iTunes!

Here’s the selection:

Marge (chicken solo)
Chickens Waiting To Go Out
Chickens Still Waiting To Go Out
Candy the Bunny Rings Her Bell
Lily the Dog
Lily and Scooter (Dog Duet)
Pip and Caper (Goat Duet)
Pip and Caper and Marge
Carolina Wren Stuck in the Barn

Here’s what iPhone owners can do to get HenCam ringtones:
start up the iTunes app
go to “search” and search for “Hencam”

Easy! Enjoy! Spread the word!


  1. That’s fantastic! Can’t wait to listen to them on iTunes – keep us posted!

    Good stuff….

  2. Hey, i heard them on my iphone they sound great :-)
    Keep us posted when they come on itunes!!

  3. I tried to find the apps for my iphone but nothing came up…However, the ringtones are available on itunes. Pip and Caper are dueting away on my phone. What a beautiful sound!

  4. It’s true they take a while to appear on Itunes, but that’s all down to the licensing and negotiation. At least you know for certain they are legal though.