An Early Spring

It’s been a beautiful spring.

This is an ornamental cherry. I used to have a tag on the bush so I’d remember exactly what it is – but the nameplate disappeared one winter. Whatever it is, it’s delicate, blowzy, pale pink and the first to bloom in the spring. The blooms don’t last long. One strong wind, and poof, they’re gone.

The only flowers that can handle our late frosts are pansies. Here are planters by the HenCam coop door. The chickens look longingly at them.

One fall, I planted 500 bulbs in the front yard. There were very fat chipmunks that year…. but a few daffodils survived.

Violets have naturalized in the poor soil on our septic mound. Soon, I’ll be spreading all of last year’s compost out there and planting pumpkins. Little by little, the soil improves.

These marshmallows bloom in the water feature. Frogs hide in them.

There are plenty of vegetables that do well, even when there are early morning frosts. The radishes are up, as are the kale, spinach, and chard. I’ve planted peas. They’re still holding out for a tad more warmth before they emerge. Meanwhile, the goats are “helping” with the spring clean-up by eating acorns. More about that in my next post!


  1. Those violets are very different from our… isn’t that interesting!

    Good to see Spring arriving with you and your garden.


  2. Warm here already. Had temps into the 80’s. Got a good garden planted, and I look forward to everything popping up. LOVE the chicken planter!

  3. I bought a rooster planter years ago and the first year I had it my rooster at the time marched right over (on the first free ranging opportunity) and gave it a good flogging. You guessed it that planter never gave him or his hens a bit of problems after that. ;-)

    Terry, I must say your yard is gorgeous.

  4. Thanks Terry for the walk in your garden, it is Autumn here (Fall) and after a few months of heat waves and drought we are starting to get some rain and it is getting a lot cooler at night. My bulbs are in my fridge ready to plant, we do that here so they think it is colder than it really is. Love watching your girls, I still have not bought anymore yet but aching to get some soon

    Kindest Regards

    Ann-Marie Australia

  5. AAAHHHH!!! You made my morning….150 kids expected through the library today…I am leaving the pics on my desktop for a calming moment! Thank you Terry!

  6. I just ordered your “Tillie Lays an Egg” book. We have 6 one year old hens, 10 4 week old hens and 4 roosters. I bought the book for my 3 year old Son. I really think he will love the book and will be able to relate to the story. I looks so cute!
    I just love this blog. It’s nice to know if I have a question or a problem I will be able to ask someone that knows chickens.
    I also have a nice garden. I just startd my lettuce and peppers by seed.I Will be start my tomatoes this week. I am hoping to grow a lot of different veggies this year.
    Oh,and I would love a goat but, I don’t think I have enough space for a it. I heard you need a lot of underbrush on your property. Is that true?