I'm Going to Be on MARTHA!

If you live in the United States, you know who Martha is. She doesn’t need a second name. She has a style that is so obviously hers, that if you see certain colors, you think, “that’s Martha.” What you might not know is that those colors came from Araucanas. Years ago, Martha found an old book with pictures of heritage hens and their eggs. This was well before blue eggs showed up in farmers markets and “Easter Egger” breeds were common at hatcheries. She recognized something gorgeous when she saw it, and turned those egg colors into her signature look. She also publicized her love of heritage chickens. She waved her powerful magic Martha-wand and backyard chickens were chic.

Martha has a daily, weekday television show. She’s going to have her first-ever chicken-centric show and I’m going to be a guest! I have some vintage chickens items that even Martha doesn’t have in her vast collections that I’ll get to show her. My husband and I are driving down to NYC a week from Monday. I’m not sure yet if my hens are invited, but just in case, the posh boutique hotel we’re staying in allows chickens in the room (my publicist checked.)

I don’t know yet when the episode will air, but I’ll be sure to let you know. I’m also sure that I’ll have some good stories to tell when this is all done. But for today, I’d better go out and buy some new shoes. I don’t have any that are television-worthy.


  1. (I am a friend of Kara’s)
    saw your name on a facebook comment and popped over to check out the chicks! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    I will keep checking so I don’t miss you on Martha!

  2. WOW! So exciting…… can’t wait to see the show and to hear about your adventure!

  3. Terry Congratulations again! You are certainly having a GREAT 2010. Enjoy it and best wishes.

  4. What wonderful news! The Accolades for Tillie in ‘The Pennsylvania Center for the Book’ and your upcoming appearance on the Martha show.
    Terry, way to go!! We’ll be watching .. .. ..

  5. Congratulations! You are having a really big week. BTW, I made the Pistachio Apricot Biscotti tonight and it is yummy.

  6. I was in love with you and your blog… but now….YOU ARE GOING TO BE ON MARTHA! Wow! New shoes and a nice soft blue cardigan, white button down shirt, black slacks. She will like that LOL. I watch the show as often as I can. I teach, but boy when there is a day off school, Martha and I are together. I’m jealous and I don’t even know you. Have fun and enjoy your Martha moment.

      • They won’t look at your shoes anyway. Wear rubber boots as a nod to all of us who never find ourselves in anthing else! How exciting…

        • Eileen Fisher is very nice. She does those nice flat knits that will show up nice on camera. :)

  7. I saw your picture on the site of “the wall street journal” with one of her girls in her arms.

  8. Good for you!!! Enjoy it for all it’s worth. Now, I have watch Martha from time to time. Her perfection and attention to details drives me a bit batty so I have to tell you the Irish devil in me would be tempted to mess something up just to see how she reacts. ;-)

  9. Terry! I am jealous beyond belief! That is the BEST! Be sure and let us know when it airs…we have a TV in the front office at school for “school business”..I am going to push my weight around and make sure it is on! I LOVE my blue and green eggs..BTW…I sell them for $5.00 and my customers don’t bat an eye! Congrats on your GREAT year!

    • I tell them they are from “special hens”…Easter eggs…I know after Easter they won’t fly, but it is filling the “egg money” jar…my regular ones I sell for $3.00…There is a organic farmer out here that sells her veggies and eggs to an upscale organic restaurant in San Diego..she gets $7.00! WOW!!!!!!