This changeable weather, cold, rainy, muddy, sunny, hot, windy (have I covered everything yet?) has done a number on Candy’s skin. Her ears have become chapped and rough, and her nose, due to her digging in the defrosted yard, is becoming lumpy with dead skin, shedding fur, and dirt. It’s one step away from a fungal problem. Bunnies don’t like to be bathed, but it was time. Since it was only her head that was in sorry shape (she manages to keep the rest of herself nicely groomed) I was able to wrap her in a towel, and clean her up from her neck to her nose. If you swaddle a rabbit like a baby, they go limp and calm, so that’s what I did. Steve held a bundled-up Candy over the laundry room sink, while I took my nail brush and sudsy Ivory soap to her nose and ears. Then, I massaged on a special medicated ointment. Next, she got a blow dry. Candy looked like a relaxed customer at a spa massage. Her favorite bunny treats were waiting for her in her hutch (dried banana chips.)

The next customer at the Little Pond Farm Spa was Coco. We’re off to NYC tomorrow for MARTHA. Jan Brett will be on the show with her gorgeous, perfectly groomed and coiffed show birds. I want Coco to shine right next to them. I bathed her in Ivory, gave her a good rinse, finished her off with something called “Cowboy Magic” that I hear is very nice for show birds, rinsed her off again, scrubbed her legs with that nail brush (forever after to be an animal brush and no longer in my shower) and finally, pat her down with a towel, then pulled out the blow dryer. She is a little thing – barely bigger than a pigeon, and yet it took a good 40 minutes to dry her off. She perched on my right arm, while I blew her dry (on low – wouldn’t want to ruin those feathers or burn her skin.) Whatever do people who show cochins do? Must take them over an hour to dry their birds. In any event, she is happily ensconced  in a scrubbed clean crate, bedded in fresh yellow straw. She’s ready for her moment of fame in NYC. I, meanwhile, need to get a new nail brush and go take a shower.


  1. I guess they could get dryer crates like dog groomers use.. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a person-sized one of those next to my shower!

  2. Good luck! I trust you’ll be providing pictures of the three of you in the boutique chicken hotel? Does Coco get her own bathroom? I hope she doesn’t turn ‘diva’….

  3. Wow Terry, Your animals sound very well behaved. I have 5 bunnies and I can’t imagine trying to give them a bath!! Good luck tomorrow with Martha, I can’t wait to see the show. PLEASE let us know when it will be aired. I can’t wait to read what you have to say about NYC. I remember seeing Martha on the cover of her magazine in a pretty blue jacket holding on of her beautiful hens (perfectly coiffed of course). It was March or April and my hens (at the time) were muddy and dirty and so was I !!! Good luck~ Ann

  4. With all that pampering and special treats too, I’m sure Candy will feel much better. She – and all of your pets – are lucky to be in your charge. How exciting for you to be on Martha’s show! Can’t wait to hear about and see photos of the whole trip! I’ll be awaiting the announcement of the air-date as well. Have a great time! …BTW, is it my imagination, or is there a new standard White Leghorn in the hencam coop?

  5. Have a safe trip and a great time! Can’t wait to hear all about it, see some pix and of course see the show when it airs……

    All best wishes- Jen

  6. Terry,
    Now you mention Jan Brett? Geeze! I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t hear Martha and Jan at the same time. I am beyond jealous. The Internet is a funny place. I read your blog and I feel like I know you, but I don’t. I read Jan’s books to my students; we dedicate JANuary to her, but we have never met. I feel like Martha is speaking just to me. So three women, I should know, will meet each other and I won’t be there! Have a wonderful time!
    Your perfect stranger,

    • Jan is very beloved here in the northeast poultry community. She does so much to support the juniors and their birds. I’ve met her, but don’t know her well. I’m as excited as you! I wonder if I get to taste the food from the cooking segment?

  7. p.s. According to the channel guide on my cable system, if it’s correct the backyard chicken episode of Martha will air on Friday……

  8. I have so much fun with the bath that you gave at the Coco and Candy. It must have been very funny.
    Too bad the TV show on Martha’s not happening here in Brazil.
    But perhaps you will in some of Oprah these days (I do not doubt) and then I’ll watch you on TV and Coco.
    Good luck and happiness.

  9. Best wishes on your trip to the big city and Best wished on going on Martha. I hope I get a chance to see you on there. Have a safe trip and a real good time.

  10. Is Martha on cable or network tv? I checked my cable listing and I don’t see it here in St Louis. If I can’t find it maybe someone can copy it to Youtube. I would love to see it. Oh and by the way if you can bribe Coco to peck Martha’s hand I will express mail a suet block just for her. ;-)

  11. By the way looks like the chicken ramp had a few too many girls on it at one time. It went kurplunk!!

    • Hi Ken. I googled Martha Stewart. Her listing has a number of choices to click. I chose “tv” to get On the right there’s a link for ‘Local TV Listings’. You can fill in your zip code and get the date, time, and channel according to your provider. For me it’s Friday, April 2, 2:00, KNBC (or NBCHD). I’ve already got it set to record! Hope this helps. ~Vicki

  12. Your weather looks just like ours in the pacific NW- we have standing water everywhere!! Hopefully it was nicer in New York? Can’t wait to see the show- just have to find someone to tape it for me…

  13. We get Martha in Australia but not sure how old her prog would be once they get here but will look out for you, cant wait to hear all about it.

    Warmest Regards


  14. How are you doing in the most recent Deluge? I’ve set my kids to ark building….