The Weather

We had three days of a “January Thaw.” The snow near the goat barn melted enough that I was able to rake up the manure and wasted hay.

goat maid

The yellow buildings behind me are my neighbor’s garage and pool shed. I’m sure they appreciate the clean-up!

January thaws never last, but this one was shorter than usual. I blame the seed catalogs. When I get one of these in the mail, the weather always takes a turn for the worst.

seed catalog

How do they know that I’ll be holed up inside, dreaming of spring, and will place much too large of an order?

Yesterday it started to snow one of those heavy, wet, impossible-to-shovel snows. This is what the hawk netting over the HenCam coop run looks like.

snow on netting

Candy, of course, is delighted. This is exactly the sort of snow she likes. It’s dense enough to hop around on.

Candy in snow

The goats are not so pleased and prefer to stay inside. But, I think a bit of fresh air and movement away from their hay manger would be good for them. I know how to get them out. I’ve been teaching them tricks. They jump up on these overturned planters when I say “up, up!” For a bit of sweet feed, they’re even willing to do it in the snow.

boys on barrels

What you can’t see are their little tails, wagging at high speed. They enjoy doing tricks. They are so pleased with how clever they are, and they love their goat chow rewards.


  1. Wish we would get some white stuff. Today we’ve had high winds, rain and 56 degrees. Our “girls” hens will do just about anything for our “kissing” sound and a little bit of scratch candy.

  2. At least your hawk netting is holding up. Mine usually gives way under the wet snow. Did you take a broom to it and give it a good whack to release it?

  3. Sorry about the snow. It’s gonna be in the 60’s here today. I’d love a goat or two. Maybe one day. We will see.

  4. Love your pictures and your saga of the goats and your hens.
    I got my Johnnny’s catalog as well and circled all the things I wanted to order, then put it away for another day when I’m more realistic and will reduce that order to fit my purse.
    We got 12″ of snow this weekend and its snowing again. Ugh!
    Its to be expected in Maine tho I’d like to see a little less of it.

    • Somehow the snow seems worse when the Boston paper (just 30 miles from here) says “light snow showers, no accumulation” and we get sticking snow all day. It’s a mess!

  5. Raining here in Southern CA!! Their saying we could get 20 inches of rain between now and the weekend. :(