Sunday Breakfast

Yesterday, we drove over the border to the tiny state of Rhode Island. The destination was an Antique Market where a friend works. It was fun to browse. I bought a photo postcard of a cowgirl from the 1920’s. Even better was going out to eat. Rhode Island is the birthplace of the classic American diner. There are ersatz copies in malls, but they are nothing like the few true, original ones left. Like this one.

modern diner

It was 1:30 PM when we sat down to eat, but we still ordered breakfast. I had French Toast topped with Fresh Apples, Cranberries, Homemade Granola and Apple Cider-Maple Glaze. My son had M&M Pancakes with Whipped Cream, and my husband ate Banana-Chocolate Bread French Toast with Custard Sauce. I drank cups of good diner coffee.

diner food

This was not fake, over-priced nostalgic fare. This was the real deal. I ate every bite.


  1. I used to live in Rhode Island in the (then) sleepy little town of Bristol when I was a kid. We lived there during the summer because of my dad’s job (commercial fisherman). When I was in second grade I even went to school there for a few months. I haven’t been back there in many, many years. It seems everyone is posting about things that bring back fond childhood memories for me. Thanks!

  2. There’s still lots of neat old-timey places in Rhode Island. I had friends who lived on Ten Rod Rd outside of Wickford. They had R.I. Reds (of course), fan-tail pigeons and Chukar partridge that they said were louder than any watch dog. Together with the geese and ducks on the pond, they kept the foxes and possums away. I’m glad you and your family had a nice ‘getaway day’ in the Ocean State.