Everyone Shares

First thing in the morning, we toss a handful of cracked corn into the chicken’s pen. In the winter we give the girls a little extra – it provides extra calories to keep them warm. Also, since they’re not out foraging in the dirt, the corn gives them something to scratch for. Scratching is an innate behavior and necessary for a hen’s well-being. Rabbits don’t scratch, but Candy joins the girls anyway.

Candy and two hens

It’s not that Candy thinks she’s a hen – in fact, I’m convinced that she thinks that she’s far superior. But, like many animals, being part of a community is as essential to well-being as food and water. Candy enjoys being in the company of hens.


  1. Speaking of rabbits, I went out to lock up last evening. I let the hens roam the yard during the day in the winter so I need to close the human door. As I stepped in a rabbit ran out and scared the you know what out of me.

    • I think that Candy is especially fond of the other animals because she is the only rabbit. They’ve become her “herd” (the term for a group of rabbits.) There might not be other rabbits, but she’s not lonely!

  2. My guinea pigs seem to enjoy hanging with their bunny friends and visa versa. My friend has chickens, ducks, bunnies & had a ancient turkey(passed away) that all live together. It’s funny because if the chickens fight the bunnies will go and nip or goose the chickens in the butt to break up the fight. We were sitting there and watched it happen. We could not stop laughing.

  3. I’ve seen Candy communicating through the fence with the goats often.
    It appears that Candy is very friendly with her farm mates.
    Really enjoy watching all your critters interactions.

    PS. Thanks for adding the temperature.

  4. Thanks so much for the webcams. I will be getting chickens this spring and have learned so much from your info and pictures.