Torrential downpours starting tonight (Sunday) and going through the day tomorrow. The rain will be pounding down on frozen ground, ice and snow. It’s going to be a mess, and treacherous walking to the barn on the slippery path. I’ve cleaned out the coops, added extra bedding and bought cabbages. I’m ready. But not happy.


  1. GL!! Your getting the storms we had last week!! It was down right nasty here in Southern CA. Do what we did hunker down and don’t go out unless you have too.

  2. That is the rain that went through here late Saturday afternoon and night. My yard looked like a swamp as the water just ponded on saturated ground. My two ducks Mary Lou and Quakers sure love it. Did I mention I am tired of wiping dog paws?? and to make matter worse I am dog sitting my son’s dog while they are in Flordia. My son made the comment when he dropped her off, Wow that’s 12 paws that need wiping.

    • There’s still so much snow on the ground that we don’t have mud. It’s going to get cold again, and we’ll have a layer of smooth, thick ice on all of the paths. Later on we’ll have your mud :)

  3. Weather warning to all points East (of Iowa):
    The worst is yet to come! We, too, had a three-day January Thaw and the world was mushy. And the Hens said, “Well at least it’s not snow.” And they were happy.
    Then the overnight temperatures dipped and the world became Glacier once again. We woke to gale force winds and 5 inches of new snow followed by an extra shot of snow the next day. Travel: very taxing if not downright impossible. Prevailing Mood: don’t ask!
    Today is Dig-Out Day (don’t go out without the Yak Traks, dear!),it is Sunny and 10 degrees. Truly a winter to test ones’ mettle!

    • Oh, no, no NO! The girls are taking dust baths in the sun. The goats are frolicking in the warmth. I took a walk without having to wear my down coat. Sigh. January thaw is always too good to last.