Tillie's Travels

I recently spent the morning with about 40 three-year olds. The preschool that I visited was finishing up a month-long focus on farm animals. They had discovered the HenCam, watched it every day, and invited me to read Tillie Lays an Egg to the children. There’s nothing better for this author’s ego than to read my book to a sea of smiling faces and little bottoms bouncing in chairs. I brought Coco (one of my “actresses who plays Tillie”). She graciously let all of the children (and teachers!) pet her. At the end of the program I asked the children to come up with their own Tillie story. Will she go to a fair and ride a ferris wheel? Go to the library and lay her egg on the books? Yesterday I got a big manila envelope in the mail. This is the holiday gift-giving season, and that packet was just about the best gift that I could get. Here is one of my favorites, captioned “Tillie laid her egg in the water.”

preschool Tillie

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  1. Made me smile- thanks for sharing with us!

    I see that you still have snow on the ground- how cold is it there? We have finally warmed back up to 40-50 degrees in the Pacific Northwest- the hens are MUCH happier!

    • It’s in the 30’s today. It’s not low temps they mind, it’s the wind! You can tell how windy it is by whether they are outside or not.

  2. You should have fun with their visits to school children. But is that Coco is happy to leave your house?